3 Best YouTube Videos for Toddlers

best videos for toddlers

According to vast research it has been proven children who start school with stronger language skills have higher education opportunities and will grasp the concepts taught to them in school a lot quicker. While every child learns at different paces and what comes naturally to some children may be a struggle for another child, there are various learning outlets which can help all children learn. One of the greatest tools available to parents and educators is the internet, especially YouTube.

YouTube offers some of the most state of the art videos for toddlers and are not only entertaining and age appropriate, but they are also extremely educational. Below are four tips for developing toddler learning skills as well as three of the best videos available on YouTube.

Tip 1: Let the Child Choose

Since every child learns in their own unique way, allow the child to have a say in their learning process. Some children are more auditory learners, while others really excel when learning from visual displays and being able to interact. Allow kids to decide between a handful of YouTube videos you have previewed and empower them to be a part of their educational process.check more information’s and updates at http://999thepoint.com/top-3-toddler-youtube-videos-i-am-forced-to-watch-video/.

Tip 2: Nurture Creativity

Getting asked the same questions over and over again can be annoying as a parent or educator. However, children learn the most when they are engaged and asking questions. Try answer the children’s questions using a variety of different learning materials and encourage each get to get engaged and to explore their creativity.

Tip 3: Help Children Finish What They Start

Children may want to quit a project they are not interested in or when something becomes difficult for them. However, do your best to see to it that children finish what they start. Not only does this instill a great work ethic in children, but it also gives children a great sense of pride when they do complete a project. Remember to praise children for a job well done and for their hard work.

Tip 4: Don’t Rush

You may not like the project the children are doing any more than they do and want to rush through it in order to get to something new and more exciting. However, do not rush through activities and really be aware to take the time to get involved and engaged. This will provide a good base for children as they grow up and are in school and find themselves in a class they may not enjoy at first, but learn to like after giving it enough time.for more details, read full blog post.

Three of the Best YouTube Videos for Toddlers

Video 1: Elephant Song

Elephant Song by Eric Harman – this video features an elephant swinging in the jungle, barking fish, dogs that purr and other funny animal experiences. This is an extremely silly song which is sure to entertain children and adults alike. The child will learn through humor, as well as be thoroughly entertained.

Video 2: ABC’s Song

ABC’s Song is an excellent way to help children learn their ABC’s and to reinforce this knowledge in children in a very fun way. Not only is this song educational, but it is also very relaxing and a good way to help calm toddler’s down. This video is perfect to play before nap time, or any time a child needs a break from energetic activities.

educational videos

Video 3: Colors for Children and Toddlers

Children will be constantly engaged with this video as animated bugs, shapes and other objects flying across the screen. The constant motion will have the children fully engaged and entertained. The child will also learn through the exposure of repetitious use of the same objects.


Children learn in a variety of different ways and are creative bundles of energy just waiting for their full potential to be harnessed. Utilizing educational YouTube videos will not only help entertain squirmy young children, but also help educate them and open their growing minds to new worldly experiences.

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