We bring the world into the Classroom
Welcome to Cable in the Classroom, Canada’s leading source for commercial-free, copyright-cleared educational television programming.

For teachers, Cable in the Classroom provides a wealth of educational cable television programming to enhance your students’ learning experience while complementing your curriculum needs. For parents and students, Cable in the Classroom offers hundreds of hours of high-quality, commercial-free programming to further enrich the learning experience.

Cable in the Classroom is a non-profit service provided free to Canada’s public schools since 1995 by 30 cable television companies and 27 cable programming services. Cable in the Classroom members are committed to making “e-education” a reality, putting into the hands of educators the power of the moving image, to broaden and enrich the learning experience of students. Each year, Cable in the Classroom members invest over $5 million to bring Cable in the Classroom to Canada’s publicly funded schools.

In addition, Cable in the Classroom also provides free monthly cable service to eligible public schools, courtesy of our cable television partners. To date, 80 per cent of eligible schools across Canada have access to cable, resulting in approximately $400,000 of free cable service being delivered each month.

Sign up today to take full advantage of Cable in the Classroom’s high quality educational programming – up-to-date schedules, and a wide variety of useful tools and resources. It’s free. It’s fast. It’s Cable in the Classroom.

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