Bulking Up Healthfully: Busting Myths about Weight Gain Through Videos










The current obesity epidemic in developed countries shows that gaining weight comes easy for most people. However, some hard gainers simply cannot gain weight and yes, there are categories of people who need to bulk up for their professions. This also includes women in athletics, sports, wrestling and so on. These professionals mainly need to gain muscles in order to prevent sport injuries. While information on losing weight is available abundantly, the education related to healthful weight gain is extremely limited and, in some cases, downright incorrect. The result: skinny girls and boys try to load up on buttery snacks, fatty and junk foods thinking they are gaining weight in a healthy manner. This is where cable education can come in handy to bust myths about bulking up.

Gaining muscles fast Videos: They Simply Want Your Money

Today there are hundreds of thousands of videos available on this topic and they promise you faster muscle gain. However, all they want is your money and it is important that the videos you invest in actually have professional nutritionists’ and weightlifters’ advice to help you gain weight in healthier way. A professionally made bulking up video will, for example, advise you on why gaining weight is harder for some. The reasons could include genetics, higher energy expenditure and inadequate protein, carbohydrate and calorie intake.

Hence, it is important that you stay away from all that bad information floating around that is leading to a warped view about bulking up. Some videos, for example, focus only on weight lifting. However, bulking up for women actually consists of the use of women specific protein shakes. One can get honest reviews on best weigh gain protein shakes for women on http://www.womensproteinshakes.com/. These reviews will help you choose the right protein so that you can rebuild your muscles as you lift weights for toning them.

Bulking and Gaining Weight for women: The easy part and the not so easy part

Naturally, the right videos will also show you how to lift weights since mass follows strength and one cannot get bigger without getting stronger. The video workouts, however, must be divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to cater to different needs. The right cable education in this matter must also include tools and calculators to show the average monthly muscle gain needed to achieve annual weight gain targets. This is obviously the difficult part of the process; lifting weights just right and not over or under-doing things. Depending on individual levels, the videos will focus on intense and focused workout sessions so results will be guaranteed.

That being said; the easy part again comes down to nutrition. But in this area, there is possibility of making mistakes. Some women think they can drink any protein shake after an intense workout session. However, one must realize that one needs at least 5 days for muscles to rebuild after a single workout. So, continuous ingestion of the right protein in this period is vital. The focus, here is on the word ‘right’.

Myth surrounding bulking up: fat is not equal to strong

As mentioned before, eating more during this period will not help you in muscle gain; it will only help in weight gain. Naturally, there are many exceptions to this rule: advanced bodybuilding professionals need to bulk and cut and bulk and cut over and over to gain muscles. However; for 95% of people, and especially women, this is sure to cause more trouble and is really not worth it.

Thus, as is evident, bulking up has many intricacies involved in it and in order to do it right, education in this matter is very important. You can turn to the Internet or visit a library to acquire books and research materials on the topic. The more you do; the better your bulking up efforts will be rewarded.

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