Does your child know more about cable education technology than you?  Chances are… probably.

KIDS AND TECHChildren can come home from school go to the TV and program their favorite show to record on their DVR while they do their homework.  I’m not talking about high school aged children, or even middle school ages either.  I’m talking about basic grade school and younger.  Ever hear the saying ‘Monkey see, monkey do’?  They’ve seen you or older siblings do it, you know you never have shown them how.  They figured it out.  This is their world now.  They are learning fast and easily.

Their childhood mobile was probably programmable and they would have been known to figure that out as well too.  Trial and error is one way.  Watching others also.  The one way they can learn is from that technology itself.  This being in the form of cable education on television these days.  Not just from the shows, but from the commercials, the infomercials and so forth.

Your children are like sponges that are dry then put in an environment of water and absorb every last drop.  These days they are like human sponges and put in an environment of education, advertisements, and technology and absorb everything they see and also use so they can in fact use what they see.

Our own inner sponge isn’t as absorbent as it used to be when we were there age as that we are too busy in the environment known as the daily grind and don’t have the time to dedicate every possible minute to learning the latest gadget or upgrade to ones we finally have figured out.  It’s a lot easier than you might think such as making your own web site using a design button in css to enhance your page.

Go through your DVR, and if you’re still not sure how; ask your child, they’ll be more than happy to help.  Look and see what shows your child has been watching.  Make sure they are watching the finest in cable education on TV and if not, have a talk and let them know what they can and cannot watch and even better find a show that you both can watch together and learn from.

At our age, TV shows were sponsored by the letter M and the number 3.  Now they are sponsored by high technological wonders of the world and companies that control how we access everything from cable education to online kitten videos that are so cute you have to Tweet them to your contact list.  Not getting what I’m talking about due to words like Tweet, ask your child.  They might even show you how to Tweet your friends and show them said kitten video.

Take time to learn what’s out there and how your child can access cable education and high technology in an environment that they share with you.  Who knows, you might even learn something.  Taking it one step further, you might even Tweet the name of the show you both learned it on to your friends on the list of contacts your child set up for you so they can use your smartphone, which is actually an oxymoron to you, so they can easily call “Me-Ma” on by themselves now.

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