How Cartoon Characters Can Improve Your Kid’s Health

Television has been described as the ‘worst addition’ to ever hit mankind. Of course this is not true, given than there are lots of good things aired on TV daily. It only takes a little bit of discipline to know when to turn it on and feed your brain with what is aired. That is as far as adults are concerned. But what about kids? Is the TV good for them? Yes and No. Too much of something as they say, is always poisonous. That said and done, limit the number of hours your loved one spends in front of a TV. That obvious truth aside? Did you know that cartoon commercials can go a long way to help tackle obesity in children? Read on to find out more…CARTOONS

Kids are more likely to listen to cartoon advertisements

Picture the following two scenarios; first scenario revolves around a TV commercial where an adult is merely telling children that they need to exercise and eat better food. Scenario two revolves around popular carton heroes such as Scooby Doo expressing the importance of eating healthy. It goes almost without saying that the kids will listen to Scooby Doo. Children simply view cartoon characters as exciting. They will think, ‘Well, if it’s good enough for Scooby Doo, then it’s also good for me’. If you are to go with the adult commercial, then children will simply consider eating healthy as a chore. This is mainly because children consider anything their parents ask them to do as a task.

Cartoon characters can help tackle obesity

It’s unfortunate how people fail to acknowledge positive showcases by cartons on how to eat healthy. For instance, in a Tom and Jerry cartoon or even the aforementioned Scooby Doo, you should see how much exercise the characters get. The cat and mouse chase is certainly more than enough to make your child want to get out there and do some running. While this may not be the main message behind the cartoons, they indirectly promote healthy habits within your child. Scooby Doo only gets treats when he does well or something remarkable. Inculcate the same in your child. He or she can only get treats and presents after eating the apple, brushing their teeth or jump on the trampoline with you.

Children consider cartoons as fun

Children, like some adults, consider cartoons as fun. As such, eating healthy will be fun for them. In the current day and age when every kid out there thinks fast foods are cool, eating healthy can be a challenge. That is in fact why cases of obesity are always on the increase. No one eats healthy anymore. But like they say, prevention is better than cure. So rather than ignoring the solution, enjoy any cartoon commercial encourage kids to eat healthy. Then make sure your kid watches the cartoon character from time to time. That way, you won’t ever have to look for tips to lose belly fat when its already too late. When your kids, at maybe 12 or 14 weighs, almost the same as you.


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