So your child wants to be a professional beat maker?

dr-drum-sequencer-beatsAnyone who has experienced mixing tapes and matching beats knows well the joy of putting together great sound of music that will entertain people. Try to make your own and share it, and you’ll realize why being a DJ is a desirable career for people who love music. If you think that your teenager would like to spin the tune, then the best way is to send him or her to a DJ school.

However, the problem is sending your child to a DJ school could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, not to mention the amount you need to pay for buying DJ equipment, such as mixers, amps, and speakers. In addition, mastering how to use these expensive equipment could take extremely long time. And since DJ instructors rely on their school for money, some of them even drag out their DJ classes for as long as possible, making the learning more expensive.

But here’s the good news!

Whether your child wants to be a professional DJ or simply wants to create music as a hobby, he or she can now have the ability to do that with the use of software. Well, just like your computer, your camera, your television, and your mobile phone, everything now is digital.

In today’s modern age, doing things, particularly DJing, is faster and cheaper than ever. Well, of course, you still have the option to send your child to a formal training to learn the techniques of beat making and spend tons of money to help your child quickly learn to use those sophisticated DJ equipment, but it’s not necessary, especially now that there are already alternative option to produce quality mixes. One alternative option that is gaining popularity today is the Dr. Drum digital beat making software.

Dr. Drum Software

Dr. Drum is a professional beat making software that gives you the ability to create your own music right from your own computer at home. It includes many features that help you create amazing beats that can even rival the works of professionals around. The Dr. Drum software has a 16-track sequencer that gives you the ability to compose and edit your music easily. It also uses a 4-octave keyboard that lets you quickly add pianos, guitars, strings, and synth to your own beats. Additionally, it has a 12-pad drum machine that lets you create unique and quality beats. It also allows you to create your own music with recording studio quality because it uses 44.1 stereo .wav file, which is far superior than the popular MP3 file.

The best thing about this software is it so easy to use that even inexperienced will able to produce their own sounds in a matter of minutes and be a DJ that almost everybody desires. DJing is an exciting profession; however, most people who want to be a DJ end up being not interested in mixing their own music anymore as the process is so complicated and lengthy. But Dr. Drum is designed with user-friendly video tutorials that will teach you step-by-step on how to make quality beats, making the learning more fun and easy. With Dr. Drum, you can even have the ability to be an expert in whatever types of music you prefer because this software lets you create different types of music such as rap, hip hop, pop, jazz, urban, punk, rock, R&B, reggae, soul, house, jungle, and dance.

So if your child is serious about beats making, then go and download this software now. Another best thing about this software is once you make a Dr. Drum download, you are getting a partner for life with Dr. Drum. This software gives you a lifetime free upgrades that keep you up-to-date in the highly competitive and constantly-changing DJing industry.

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