Disabilities on television and what they teach our kids

KIDS AND TELEVISIONMany children suffer from diabetes and other mental health related issues. There are some new age television shows that are produced to show kids that others with disabilities such as diabetes and ADHD are not any different that they are. So with these shows comes an understanding of the differences in all of us. These are shows that should be supported by the community and offered on more channels than the outrageous cartoons with violence that they are currently showing on television. Some of these shows would be

  • Sesame Street, where they have children with all different life stories interact with everyone, Sesame street has been featuring children and adults with disabilities since they started the show.
  • Life goes on, This show featured Corky who had down syndrome in the 80’s, this was one of the first shows to feature a down syndrome teen
  • Glee, which features Artie in a wheelchair and Becky who has down syndrome, is one of the most popular television shows for breaking through barriers of discrimination
  • Switched at Birth, who features Emmett who is born deaf and Daphne who has Meniere’s disease which renders her deaf on some days and hearing on others. In this show they use sign language to communicate with each other.
  • Parenthood, features a family dealing with Autism, they get the diagnosis and learn how to cope with the changes in their life and how to help their child develop
  • Teen Mom 2, features a little girl who has braces and glasses and many difficulties in life, she was born premature and has since made strides to keep up with her identical twin
  • The secret life of an American teenager, features a teen boy with down syndrome, who is actually more level headed than the rest of the teens on the show
  • Breaking bad, which features a teen with mild Cerebral Palsy

Now not all these shows are geared towards only kids but they are geared towards getting awareness out about the many diverse people in the world. Diversity amongst children and adults in television should be supported and broadcasted to teach kindness, acceptance, and show the children that will be our leaders one day how to treat everyone, including the ones they don’t understand with respect.

One thing that these shows should focus on is insurance policies for children and adults with these issues. Many parents are not aware that they can get quotations for diabetics, but need to be educated for their own benefit. Many insurance companies don’t insure children and adults with disabilities but there are some who do and without advertising on television shows then they won’t know about it. There are also options for UK plans that need to be addressed for disabilities that most companies won’t insurer, so check out the features and learn all you can to help your child or spouse out. With proper medical care you are insurable and these policies need more screen time to advertise to the ones that really need these policies. By providing information during the commercial breaks for these shows listed above they can features the disability and then feature the insurance policy that will help the families obtain peace of mind.



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