Educate Your Children on the Best Shower Methods for Better Health

Hygiene is important for your and your children’s health.  By now your kids should already have heard and seen on TV that it is important to be clean and to wash regularly. If you want to improve the general health and happiness of your home then you should also teach your kids to shower instead of bathe so they will be healthier, more time efficient and more considering towards nature.

Educate Your Children on the Best Shower Methods for Better Health

Ways to make your kids enjoy showers

A lot of kids absolutely hate showers.  They hate the feel of water running through their hair and they despise it when water streams over their faces.  Kids mostly learned to fear showers after their eyes burnet during hair washing or when the shower was perhaps too hot.  But showers are important and much better to bath so it is time to make your kids enjoy showers more with these improvements;

Get a better showerhead – A better showerhead can make kids feel more relaxed because the stream is finer and the pressure is much better.  You can make showers even more fun by investing in a Bluetooth showerhead through which you can actually play music.  Music will relax your kids and will definitely make those shower trips a lot more fun if you add some lively tunes.  You can have a look at some of the best shower speaker reviews to find the best Bluetooth showerhead that your kids will absolutely love.

Shower toys – Shower toys can also calm your kids down and give them something to do while you are washing their hair.

Get tear free shampoo – Only wash your children’s hair with children’s or baby shampoo.  The shampoo contains a lot less chemicals and will prevent shower phobia caused by burning eyes.

Why showering is better for family than bathing

Showering is much better for kids and for adults than bathing for the following reasons;

Save water – A quick shower wastes a lot less water than bathing and is much more ideal for our current world where water is becoming scarcer and scarcer.

Clean more effective – When you shower, all the dirt and chemicals are flushed away from your body.  When you bathe you sit in the lingering dirt and germs.  Showers are also much better for removing shampoo and soap from the body and are much better for children with skin conditions.

Prevents infections – Kids can easily get infected by adults and by one another.  When they shower together the water runs down their bodies and down the drain which means the spread of diseases is contained.  In a shared bathtub or shared tub water the disease and germs lingers in the water and can easily spread.

Time efficient – Showering is much better for large households because everyone will have warm water and everyone will get a chance at the shower without having to wait for hours.

How many times a day should everyone shower

One shower a day is perfectly acceptable and normal.  Showering more than once a day is only necessary in extremely dirty cases because you are only wasting water and you are actually stripping your skin of natural oils that your body needs for protection.

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