Cable in the Classroom regularly receives letters and e-mails from educators across the country who are using Cable in the Classroom programming. They share their experiences with us, letting us know how cable television programming is making a contribution in their classrooms.

Teachers are embracing Cable in the Classroom’s programming as an innovative way to bring learning to life for their students. Here’s some of their feedback:

“For the past 5 years I have been making use of the educational material presented on the Cable In The Classroom web site….

I have [used] much of the material within my classroom just as it has been presented on the site but, just as importantly, it has become a resource and a catalyst for developing Units Of Study that have been most enriching for the Gifted Classes which I teach….

I can’t emphasize enough how valuable the resource material, the lesson plans and the web site links have been in the development and enhancement of my program.”

Submitted by: Tim Sloane
St. Catharines , Ontario , Teacher

“Teachers will benefit from your updated site. Congratulations for a job well done! The elementary and secondary schools are really supporting the use of Cable in the Classroom programs that we dub from our Board office. It is a well received program.”

SCDSB – Midhurst , Ontario

“From previous usage and now reviewing the site, I am fully convinced of the program’s effectiveness and value to children in our education system. (You provide) real time teachable moments. An invaluable resource for any facility. Keep up the fantastic work!”

Millcrest Academy – Grand Falls-Windsor , Newfoundland and Labrador

“I use programming from CITC as a text when I can, not as an add-on. Often students who are struggling with literacy skills are able to handle the content delivered via TV. Videos are an effective way to transmit content to students. They can be an alternative to a written text, or an enhancement for a written text.”

Submitted by: Barbara Fullerton
Fredericton , New Brunswick , Teacher

“What a wonderful teaching resource. I will be using this site to enhance my lessons as I have an LCD projector in my class.”

Submitted by: Ash Lee Jefferson
Fall River , Nova Scotia , Teacher

“I am a Grade 2 teacher and am just beginning to introduce technology into the classroom. You appear to be right on line with what is needed to enhance the use of technology in the classroom. Keep up the great work.”

Valley Elementary – Truro , Nova Scotia , Teacher

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