Have a Field Day for Children Before You Terminate Your Termite Infestation

Termites are terrible for your home.  These unwelcome little guests won’t just eat all of your old piles of wood.  They will devour your garden; compost heaps, your wood decks and even your home from right underneath you.  The scary part is that you might not even realize that they are there until some terrible damage is already done to your home.  If you suspect a termite infestation then it is time to gather your kids, get a looking glass and start investigating so you can start the termination process before the damage gets out of hand.

Have a Field Day for Children Before You Terminate Your Termite Infestation

Why has a field day with termites?

Kids love bugs.  They love to see them, be grossed out by them and they love to learn from them.  You can get your kids out of the house and away from technology and teach them terrific facts about termites and about the different species of termites.  Your kids will love the new information they get on these creatures and they will love to see what the homes of different types of termites look like.  And while everyone is learning something new about termite colonies you can determine if you are in fact dealing with real termites and what kind you are dealing with.

Decide between DIY and professional treatments

Termites are one of the hardest types of bugs to terminate from your home because they repopulate at an alarming rate and they can easily hide away deep within their nests and resurface again.  The home DIY treatments for getting rid of termites are mostly ineffective and incredibly time consuming.  If you want your home to be protected and completely termite free then you should get the help of a professional exterminator.  Professional exterminators know exactly which pesticides works best on the type of infestation you have and they know how to deal with your infestation effectively.  Click Here if you want to find out more about termites, how to deal with them yourself and to find out more about the best exterminators for the job.

Pesticides available to the public

There are some pesticides that are available to the public such as Termidor SC, Dominion, Baiting systems and Boracare.  These treatments can be quite effective for treating mild termite infestations but the pesticides are not as strong as professional pesticides and they don’t endure as long as professional pest control services do.  If you want your home to be completely termite free for a long time to come then you should rather seek professional assistance.

Professional methods

Exterminators use different techniques depending on the severity of the infestation.  If your termite infestation is extra they might even consider termite tenting for complete fumigation.  During termite tenting, you and your family will have to leave the home.  A tent is then applied over your home and sealed off with water bottles after which your home will be completely fumigated.  Termite tenting is excellent for homes with hard to reach infestations and is especially used if the termites have already done structural damage to your home.

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