Fun food projects to make with your kids!

An integral part of the growing process of your children is their exploration of the world around them. From observing and mimicking what they see, to touching, tasting and smelling – all those actions comprise their learning experience. As adults we can educate them by showing what to do and how it can be done, by providing them with reading material and learning resources that will interest them in finding out more. One of the things that you have to teach your kids from a young age is everything there is to know about food. Being the fuel that powers our bodies and lets us enjoy various functions of this miraculous mechanism, food is something that can be studied and is fun to experiment with.

The science of gastronomy, that looks at various ways in which food can be prepared, what it is made of and how it is digested in our body is fun to study along with your children. From looking at how dairy products contain living bacteria, to dehydrating foods to turn into snacks and using simple cooking methods to create meals together, all these are fun things to do at home with your children.

 Grow something

Kids love watching and witnessing various natural processes take place. By teaching them to grow their own vegetables or fruits, you can show them how everything grows on this planet. Create a little indoor garden, with proper gardening tools, pots, soil, rakes, watering system as well as led lights installations, about which you can read more, and you will see how fascinated your kid will be. Grow their favorite vegetable, and you will not regret it.

 Experiment with dairy

Many dairy products contain a lot of live bacteria that is useful for our bodies. And while the living organisms are not visible with the naked eye, there are a number of experiments that you can carry out with your children to identify and grow this bacteria. Not only can you find ways to stimulate its growth, but it will surprise the children with the fun facts about bacteria, that usually has a negative connotation.

Dehydrate products

All groceries stores offer a selection of dried fruits, from apricots, to cherries, cranberries, prunes and blueberries, there is something for every taste and desire. While you can simply purchase them at the store, it is much more fun to create these yourself. Purchase a dehydrator and you can do a wide number of things with it. You can create you own dehydrated fruits, so your child can take it as a snack to school with them. Once you get a hold of how the machine works, you can even dehydrate chicken meat to make dry snacks for dogs! Imagine, that your child will be able to make tasty treats for their beloved pet! How fun is that?

Cook a meal

Aside from providing you with a spare helpful pair of hands, cooking with your child can be a fun activity to do on the weekend. You can teach them various processed in which food is created, such as baking, frying, boiling, broiling and more. Choose their favorite meal and cook it together. It could be pancakes for breakfast, or their favorite choco-chip cookies, either way, make it an exciting gastronomic journey that they will want to participate in every week.

Make your own soda

All children love soda, it is something about the flavor, combined with the bubbles and a bright packaging that attracts their attention and they can drink it all the time, especially on a hot summer day. With the latest technology, it is possible to make your own soda and add various flavors to it. Instead of purchasing already-made soft drinks, make it a family activity to create your own, with your own flavor!