How to get your children to do chores while being homeschooled

It is quite a difficult task to get your homeschooled children to do their daily chores at home. It makes perfect sense that they wouldn’t want to get involved in something that feels like work as they already do school tasks at home. It seems to be generally boring to children to do chores at home and as adults we can completely agree with them. The trick will have to be to make it fun and rewarding to do chores. It is particularly hard for home students because once they are done with their school work they would rather engage in play than washing dishes or taking out the trash. How can a parent get their child help out around the house without acting like a policeman? As a parent you also don’t want to sound like a nag all the time.

How to get your children to do chores while being homeschooled

First of all it is important for parents to stop ranting and raving about chores. Take the time to find out why your child is not doing what is expected and what exactly is getting in their way. Turn it into a motivational course by letting your child know that they will be able to do the things that they enjoy once their work is done. There are never good results that come from yelling like a drunken sailor and then having to deal with the great rebellion. At this point treat your child like an adult for positive results.

Timing is everything when it comes to setting up a good chore, play and study balance. Give your child allocated time for study, relaxation and chores. If they are not done at the right time you would need to work out some form of punishment that is not too hard but makes an impact for example going to bed early. Click here for effective ways to discipline your child. No need for the iron fist in this regard. You could turn it around by saying “If you get it done in 20 minutes you can stay up later.” There are many ways to handle this.

Make sure that the work is reasonable for example dishes, taking out the trash or helping with the laundry. If your geyser bursts and you have a huge water-spill at home you would need the help of an expert to clean it up. You can take a look at emergency water removal Kansas City for 24 hour assistance with water removal. These guys know what they are doing and can even test your home for mold. Some tasks require specialists to do it properly.

Incentive and reward always makes the medicine go down easier so it might be a good option to consider giving your child an allowance for chores that they do around the house. You don’t want to get to a point where chores feels like punishment so where is the harm in rewarding your child for the hard work that they do. Click here for more advice about deciding how much your child’s allowance should be.

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