Six Ways to Make Your Kids Eat Healthy

HEALTH TIPSGetting kids to eat anything that isn’t a starchy snack or a bottle of sugar is a real chore. They always want the sweetest, quickest thing, don’t they? But here are five things to keep in mind when trying to get them to eat something that little bit healthier, and it won’t do you any harm either.



–        Get Fibre

The reason why raw sugar is so bad for you and your kids is that your body ingests it immediately. That’s why fruit, while quite sugary, is much better for you than drinking fruit-flavoured soda. It’s the fibre inside the fruit that helps your body. Try switching your kids’ snacking habits to fruit to see an immediate difference.

–        Free Yourself of Sugar Free

A lot of what’s labelled as sugar-free actually isn’t at all. They use sugar substitutes like High-Fructose Corn Syrup. Try something healthy like natural yogurt. Add in some nuts or granola to give it that extra oomph. You can get your kids involved by making your own jams to add in. See what flavours they want to try!

–        Add Peppers

Peppers are a great addition to any meal and also make up a vital part of a healthy diet. A lot of kids are picky eaters, their taste buds are super-charged so they experience taste differently to adults. Start them off on green or yellow peppers, the milder ones, or if your kid has a taste for spice then go all out with reds and chilies.

–        Drink Teas

You might not think it, but teas play an important function in a healthy lifestyle. Black tea is ok, but a lot of people douse it up in milk and sugar. This completely defeats the purpose. Try your kid on herbal teas, peppermint teas, chamomile and green especially. Get them used to the idea that there is a range of teas out there for them and that it’s ok to choose something a little difference. It’ll stand to them in later years.

–        Avoid Trans-Fats

These are often found in baked goods, cookies, cakes, anything with partially-hydrogenated oils, which are not the best foods for flat abs. These fats will give your kids a big belly, and even though you don’t have to raise an athlete, you also don’t want your kid to have more weight than just the baby fat. On top of all this, if you join in with these kinds of eating habits, you’ll quickly pick up a pair of abs for yourself. You’ll lose that stomach fat and promote a good internal system for moving your nutrients around.

–        Involve them

Often, children don’t understand the link between the ground and their own plate. Why not take them to a farm to plant some seeds? Grow some potatoes in your back garden, watch a kid’s cooking show with them and ask them if they want to help you in the kitchen. Little things like this make kids want to eat, because they see the connection and they feel like they played a part in the process.

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