How to become a hero in your child’s eyes

Although adults are just grown up kids, when it comes to parenting – it is an art that has to be learned and studied. There is no universal way to be a great dad, or making sure that your kid gets all the love and attention they need without softening them too much. There are only guidelines and tips, from psychologists and professionals in the field, that can help you develop your own unique parenting style that will benefit both you and your child. One of the most important factors in your child’s development is the role that you, as a parent, play in it – becoming a hero for them will not only make them respect you and trust you, but you will be able to have greater results later on, when you will be passing your own knowledge of the world to your child.

It is important to begin educating and teaching your child everything you know from the very start – treat your newborn like a grown adult and explain to them how things work without lying or creating stories that will give them the wrong idea about the world. Time spent on educating your child will pay off in the future. Just like in any relationship you have – trust is a fundamental part, so, build this trust between you and your child- real authority, and a ‘hero-figure’ will mean that the child will listen to you and obey your will, because they will want to do so, because they know that you know better and wish only the best for them, because they trust you.

A father figure always has the responsibility to set the example to their kids, be it in the way he treats their mother, to what he can or cannot do. Simple things like having an HVAC certification can mean that not only can you explain to your curious growing child the basics of how heating and ventilation work, but also will be able to fix it in case something breaks down. Things that may look straightforward will show to your child that not only do you know everything, but you also have the power to fix broken things. By participating in their learning process, you bond with your child and provide them with emotional support to ensure their confidence and interest inf exploring the world around them.

Spending time with children is critical in their development- being a part of their life not only shows them how the family dynamics work, but what role a father figure plays. If you are always away at work, though you will provide for your family, it is often that children feel abandoned and that you don’t love them. In such cases, try to take work home, or even sometimes bring your child to work, give them a simple task and they will be busy while you do your job. They will learn about what you do when you are not home, so it is easier to accept your absence during the day.

To raise a confident child who feels secure, it is important to give them the right  to be heard. While talking with your children, do not interrupt them when they are telling you something or sharing their ideas- show interest and you will see how eager they will be to impress you – their hero.

Being a father is a life-long process, even as your children will grow up and get families of their own, from time to time they will turn to you for words of wisdom or advice. By being a good parent, you raise adults who might make a difference in this world.