How to combine educational shows with entertainment?

EDUCATIONAL SHOWSResearch has shown that nowadays children spend a lot of their free time in front of the TV or their gadgets and laptops. From the age of 3, we now see kids with an iPhone, who understand and can navigate it better even than their grandparents. While this may be acceptable at the age of technology that we are experiencing, it can become alarming, due to the fact that especially the use of the Internet requires parental control. In the past decade we have seen various changes that the TV channels have undergone, from carefully choosing the broadcasting times, to showing clearly the age restrictions of shows. While you don’t want to separate your child from the reality and make them give up the TV and Internet access altogether, it is advised to limit it and to supervise what is watched. There are plenty of shows and movies that are highly educational and entertaining, that will keep the child interested.

Educational cartoons and kids’ shows

While there are many meaningless cartoons that are being showed on TV these days, there are also others that educate your children and are made specifically to teach certain concepts, rules and ideas. These can be either dedicated shows, or for example, like Sesame street – kids’ shows that are extremely popular and in a subtle, less evident way, they teach kids morals through various stories, concepts of life and death, as well as numbers, new words and relationships. By watching these series, children will learn and be engaged in fun activities and situations.

Science shows for kids

Science helps us understand how and why things work – from physics to biology and chemistry, something that kids might not find as fun when taught at school, science shows are an extremely fun way of teaching these concepts. There is a myriad of shows to choose from, including MythBusters, None of the Above, Cosmos, Naked Science, Nova and more. Not only will children gain knowledge, but they will also be interested in DIY and to carry out various experiments themselves.

Health shows 

Research has shown that children at a young age include mimicking and copying their parents’ behaviour in their development. We, as parents, give an example to our children, of what is right and what is wrong, of how to act, react and move. We are responsible for showing our children the best and the right things to do. An interesting way of showing your kids that taking care of their health is an important aspect of life is to get them used to regular physical exercise. Right now there are various fitness programs to choose from, from fun aerobics and zumba to relaxing pilates and yoga, you can choose the workout routine that suits you and your child best. An important aspect is choosing the right shoes, I used this guide to pick mine and hopefully it will be useful to you as well.

TV trivia and game shows

From game shows to TV trivia, there are various shows to watch with your children that will be a fun and exciting way to learn new things – you can follow players and try to find out the answer before they do. Some of these shows are Relative Insanity, The Singing Bee or the Iconic Legends of the Hidden Temple.


While reading a book about an adventure, exotic animals and the world at the depths of the sea might not be engaging to your child, watching a colourful, bright documentary about it will be highly appreciated and followed. You can tape various movies from National Geographic or Animal Planet to watch with your children later that will be fun and a great way of teaching them about natural sciences.

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