Why Laminated Flooring Is the Best Solution for Parents

Having children affects the way you remodel your home a lot.  When you live alone you are not afraid to over indulge in fineries, white furniture and the finest and most delicate flooring.  But when you are a parent you know that your furniture and floor is going to have to take a lot of punishment for the next decade or two to come and you know that fine decorations will never survive your children’s youth years.  You also learn to build and remodel according to your children’s health needs or suffer countless sleepless nights.  If you are planning on remodeling then laminated flooring is the best possible investment you can make.

Why Laminated Flooring Is the Best Solution for Parents

Laminated flooring VS hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring will always have that expensive luxury and valuable feel because they are made of real wood panels that are crafted from real trees.  But here are the top ways in which laminated flooring actually beats real wood floors;

Environment friendly – If you invest in laminated tile flooring then no trees have to be sacrificed for your home.  Wood laminated floors are also a lot more environment friendly because it is made of pressed wood and contain much less wood than hardwood floors.

More affordable – You can get your entire home remodeled at a fraction of the cost of true hardwood flooring.

More durable – Good quality laminated flooring can last up to 30 years and is much more resistant against scratches.

Less maintenance – Real wood floors often needs to be buffed, polished and you need to oil the floor regularly.  Laminated flooring has less maintenance.

Water resistant – Hardwood floors can get damaged by water but water resistant laminate flooring is good against spills and flooding.

Laminated flooring is better for raising children

Carpets are some of the worst types of flooring for people with kids.  Not because carpets get stained that easy but because carpets causes a lot of allergies due to all the dust, germs and house dust mites that get captured in carpets. Laminated floors are still better than tiles for the following reasons;

Warmer – They are much warmer than tiles and your children are much healthier when they walk around barefoot during winter.

More durable – Laminated flooring does not shatter when something heavy is dropped on it.

Cleaner – Laminated floors are water resistant and smooth which means you can clean them much more effectively.

Technology has improved laminated floors greatly in the past few decades.  Today you can get just about any wood feel laminated floor that you desire.  You can get smooth floors or heavy grained floors that look like rough wood.  You can also get any colored wood floor from white wood floors to black wood floors and also all the rich and vibrant colors that natural wood has.  The floors are incredibly durable and are sure to withstand your children’s roughest and wildest years.  You won’t have to replace your floors or spend bucket loads of cash to keep your floors in good condition and your kids will be much healthier.

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