Mom’s Can Join Kids On Bike Rides Too!

Thinking about purchasing a Bike to go riding with your kids?

This article will help you learn a bit about ladies bikes and what you should know about them.

Perhaps inspired by the glory of women’s Olympic cycling team, more women now are taking to two wheels. Aside from being good for both your health and pocket, biking is simply fun. Strolling along bicycle lanes on two wheels is a great experience. However, having an uncomfortable bike will surely reduce your joy factor.

Purchasing your desired bicycle will surely be a challenge. This is particularly because of the physical differences between men and women make it hard for women to seek their ideal bike or the right fit for them since the bike world is dominated by men.

Buying a women’s bike is not as straightforward as purchasing a men’s bike. This is mainly because bike manufacturers just recently realized that men are not the only one who takes on two wheels.

Trim Down Choices and Get Specific

Because of the fact that most women rider smaller bikes, men’s bike frame tends not to be suitable for women. Therefore, when purchasing a bike, there are several advantages of seeking women-specific bikes. The best way to seek what bike suits a woman, it is best to narrow down choices first and have specific details about what the bike. Whatever style of ladies bike you want, getting the right size and adjusting to fit a woman’s physique is very critical to the confidence and comfort of bike handling; that’s why Ladies Bike Adelaide has a wide array of lady bicycles for you to choose.


These days, there are almost bike types for every day of the week, so you need to figure out how you are going to use the bike. If you plan to hit the road through road rides and maybe some commuting, then a road bike equipped with a handle bar is the right fit for you.


A good road bike is sleek, light and is designed for extreme speed. Selecting a bike must fit the rider in order to bring out the bike’s  inherent design. These road bikes are measured in centimetres and will be based on a woman’s height.


A decent women road bike can cost to cheap price to expensive ones. It all depends on your preferences. If you want to use your bike for commuting and social riding, you may want to have those at the lower edge of costs.

Go-faster stripes

Aluminium is the major component of most women’s road bikes as it is light in nature and cheap. Those expensive bikes are made of carbon fibre, that is superlight and the match of go-faster stripes.

You must keep in mind that a featherlight frame does not guarantee a bike’s speed. The road bike wheels can weigh it down or even or make it fly. Once bike and wheels are chosen, you will now consider the gears. Just remember that the bigger the chainring, the higher and harder the gear.

Once you have chosen the perfect lady’s bicycle, you can now test it by going through long rides. Just do not forget to equip yourself with a helmet and other safety gear.