How do Personality Quizzes and TV Help You Understand Your Child?

Anyone who has interacted with or has more than one child has realized that there are many differences in what each child likes and dislikes, regardless of their ages. Not all girls over the age of five love Barbies just like not all boys are going to be interested in Star Wars. The differences in each interest stem from the different types of personalities that a child has. By better understanding the personalities of your children you will be able to help them grow and teach them in a way that is nurturing their lives and less frustrating for you as a parent.

Why is a Child’s Personality Important?

kids educational televisionThink about the way that you deal with a particular situation. Let’s say, the way your employer talks to you. Do you feel worse about yourself because of his demeaning tone or do you simply go with the punches and not let it bother you? The way you process information changes the way you feel on a day to day basis. The same is true of children. This is why not every punishment or learning method works with each child. When you understand a child’s personality, you are better able to get your information across to them because you are using an approach that they accept.

Personality Quizzes

There are plenty of cool personality quizzes online. When perusing our favorite social media sites we find ourselves participating in them all the time. All of those 10-question quizzes that talk about what kind of flower are you or what state you belong in are a form of personality quiz. You can use a general personality quiz to determine what type of child you have. Depending on the guideline you are using, you will find that there are 3-4 different types of personalities. Each has its own unique characteristics and each one processes information a little differently. One of the best options is the Florence Littauer and her Personality Plus books which take an easy to understand approach to different personalities. Once you understand the type of personality of your child you will be able to implement the type of language that they respond best too.

Television Shows

The types of kids educational television shows that your child chooses can also say a lot about their personality. Children who are more interested in shows with adventure and creative style learning tend to have more creative and caring personalities. Those that are drawn to shows which are more technical and ask questions to understand it tend to grow up into Type A personalities. Watch the types of shows that your child watches and how they relate to the characters. Their relationships with these fictions characters can indicate the emotions that they are not saying. For example, if you find that your child really resonates with Lilo and Stich then there may be some underlying sadness related to the death of a family member or pet or even just a feeling of abandonment when the parents are at work.

Putting it All Together

Too many parents today think there is something wrong with their child and send them to see a therapist instead of trying to understand them. It is important that parents focus on nurturing their child’s true self and not forcing their own personalities onto them. If each parent makes an effort to communicate with their child in a way that they understand then each child has a better chance of growing up with a happy and healthy life.

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