How to Prepare Your Kids for a Solo Flight

As a parent you want to be there for every step of your child’s life, especially when they are embarking on a major first journey such as a solo flight to the grandparents for the holidays or a major school travel journey.  But money is often limited and you have a lot of obligations that needs to be attended to.  Sometimes it just isn’t possible for you to make a major journey with them.  It is important to give your kids the freedom to explore life even if you cannot explore it with them because it teaches them how to be independent, fearless and it gives them opportunities that you probably never had in life.  The only thing you can do now is help them overcome fear by preparing them for the journey as best possible.

How to Prepare Your Kids for a Solo Flight

Get the best and most secure flights

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How old should your child be?

Your child can fly solo from as young as five years of age on direct flights but needs to be at least eight years old for connection flights.  The ages may vary for different airlines and you need to make the right arrangements before setting your child off on a solo flight so the attendants will know to provide special care and follow special instructions regarding your child.

Tell them what will happen on departure

It is always best to inform your child of everything well before departure so they won’t get too shocked or overloaded with information on departure.  Tell them what will happen, how you will say goodbye and what they should do.  Always keep goodbyes short and sweet so you don’t implement any unnecessary fears.

Tell them how to behave in flight

You want to make the flight as smooth as possible for your child and for others around them.  Tell your child what will and what can happen during the flight and educate them on good in flight manners so they won’t get into trouble while on board.

Tell them what to do when landing

Landing is probably the scariest part of it all.  They will be stepping off the plane onto a strange platform where they will have to wait for their relatives to find them.  Make sure your child knows not to wander off and tell them where to find help should they need it.

Teach them safety

Safety is the most important aspect when sending your child into the unknown.  Teach your child which people they can trust so they can get the needed assistance whenever they feel scared or whenever they feel lost.

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