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Who said you had to do cable education at home all by yourself?  Make it a get together!

CATERINGBeing able to enjoy video education in the comfort of your own on and on your own time schedule is a wonderful thing.  No matter if it’s education videos for young children or classes and documentaries for adults, it’s great to take control of your own learning environment.   Learn what you want, when you want.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Why not open up and expand the educational experience a little further by forming a group to meet at your house and learn together.  Whether it’s a group of young kids sitting down in front of your television watching a show that has drawn them in, or a group of your own friends or family getting together to study a subject that you are all interested in, why not share the education?

If it’s your child and a small group of their peers or you and a group of your own, you can enhance your normally solo routine by sharing with others.  You can open up time after each show for discussion.  The kids will learn even more as they hear what their friends liked about it and learned from it.  You and your group can have an open table discussion and break down what you’ve seen and what you found to be a valuable lesson and share and hear how others looked at it and what they gained.

Make it a nice morning of learning and afterwards maybe have a potluck lunch.  Have everyone bring in something to eat from their home.  For the children you can have their parents drop something off or provide some of your own healthy foods for them to enjoy after they are done.  You can head here to buy catering supplies online and spread out your table with goodies and enjoy snacks and lunch together after the show you watched.  Sit and bond together over what you’ve learned for the day as you enjoy a meal, a nice way to wind down a learning session.

You have plenty of time to learn on your own and do the whole education thing solo.  Every now and then getting together with others who share the same interests and want to learn the same things you do, enhances the learning.   Such as by getting to hear about what others got from what you watched and how they are going to apply what they’ve learned or what the next step is for them.  Hearing about what was viewed and taking in and listening to other perspectives and see how it was taken can open new paths.  Maybe you’ll see things in a different light or have something new brought to your attention that you might have otherwise missed.

Learning alone, or with others through education on television opens doors that you never knew existed for kids and adults alike.  There’s no reason not to share the experience with others and who knows, you might walk away from the session having learned more and gained a whole new view.

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