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Teach Children the Fun in Compost Making So They Can Be Self Sustaining Some Day

As a parent you are probably against child labor and child exploitation.  But as an adult you also know how handy skills like cooking, cleaning and gardening can be to your everyday life.  Knowledge is power and every time you or your kids learn a new skill the more secure they will be in life because they will always be able to find a job or know how to do stuff on their own.  When they can provide for themselves they can save bit of money or perhaps even make some cash on the sideline.  Teaching your kids how to make compost is great fun because you get to spend quality time together and everyone gets out of the house for a bit of active time.  Your children also learn a great skill that will help them grow and maintain beautiful gardens for the rest of their lives, all on their own.

Teach Children the Fun in Compost Making So They Can Be Self Sustaining Some Day

Ingredients for good compost

Compost is incredibly diverse.  You can turn just about any plant material into compost but you will need four key ingredients;

Carbon – Carbon materials creates heat in your compost heap or compost barrel.  Carbon materials are usually dried plant materials such as soft wood, leaves, dried grass and more.

Nitrogen – Nitrogen is green materials such as fruits, vegetables and fresh garden plants.  You need these green elements to start the oxidizing process.

Oxygen – Your compost heap needs to have a bit of oxygen or it won’t decompose well.

Water – Moisture will start the decomposing process.  If your heap is too wet your plant materials will rot and if it is too dry all your nitrogen materials will simply dry out.

Get a composter or compost maker

It is possible for you to make your own compost bin from wood or from some other materials or perhaps even make compost in a hole.  But these DIY bins and holes often incredibly hard to mix and it is hard to maintain the right ratio for your compost heap.  The CompostBinHQ series of bins makes compost making super easy since you can mix and tumble your compost whenever you need, you can add more plants whenever you want and you can subtract compost that is ready for gardening quite easily.  The bins also have a terrific overall look for your garden so things won’t get too messy and they are incredibly durable and affordable.

Top reasons your child should learn how to create compost

  • Your children will get out of the house for a bit of outdoorsy fun and they will be a lot healthier when they exercise a bit.
  • Compost making is great fun and they will learn a lot about nature, plants, insects and ground.
  • You will always have some compost for gardening and your kids can start growing their own vegetables or flowers which is another great skill.

Your kids could even earn a good extra income by selling their home made compost to gardeners and to garden shops which will teach them good marketing, sales and money skills.

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