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Why is coloring good for your child?

Most people would consider coloring as just a fun activity to add to your child’s daily tasks but it has some quality when it comes to early education that makes it a rather important activity to engage in. By giving your child a set of crayons and a coloring book you might be molding his or her little mind and preparing them for what is about to come with real work like learning to read and write. Here are a few reasons why you might have to stop thinking about the dangers of eating a crayon and trust your little one to start coloring.

Why is coloring good for your child?

Increases motor skills

Coloring includes the great benefit of increasing your little one’s motor skills simply because the actions and motions that come with coloring will train their muscles and hands to start preparing for writing and other finer detailed work.

Prepares them for school

Because school entails discipline and assignments you will find that your child will be more prepared with a bit of coloring. It would feel like an assignment in fact if you give your little one coloring pages on a daily basis.

Stimulating the creativity bug

This is of course one of the most obvious benefit of coloring. Your children will find their inner Picasso or Van Gogh while coloring the picture to their specification. There is sometimes a lot of imagination involved in coloring which means you might end up with a purple tree and golden clouds but what the heck, that is just creativity coming to life. Click here to view some fantastic art pieces by children.

It contributes to better handwriting

Coloring within the lines and using that little hand to master coloring will allow your little one to have a grip on that pen or pencil which will make it easier to write one day. You are developing the core hand and wrist muscles by coloring which will be required when coloring.

Identifying color

If you get hold of an amazing gel pens set you will be giving your child a set of fantastic colors that they can play with and learn about. These pens will be visually stimulating and will give your child a brand new and creative coloring experience. Usually the gel pens are for adults but you can progress their coloring by starting with crayons and slowly progressing with gel for the finer details and a wider variety of color. Click here to few the actual color wheel.

Improved focus and hand and eye coordination

Coloring will give your little ones the opportunity to focus on one thing until it is completed. It is very hard to keep a little mind occupied with one thing at a time. While they notice how the picture is getting better to look at they might not want to stop till it is done. You will also notice that their hand eye coordination skills are going to get better and better. That is where coloring and staying within the lines come with time.

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