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Morality Education on TV

It is quite unfortunate that a vast majority of us utilize the TV as a sort of babysitter. We are too busy in other engagements to truly pay attention to, or educate, our own children. But when we do this, we are also allowing a massive amount of our children’s moral education to come from TV. How will we fare?

We can tell you that if the world continues as it appears to be doing, there will be a larger number of parents looking to hire a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. Our children will have seen 200,000 acts of violence and 16,000 simulated murders by the time they reach age 18. You can’t possibly think this will not affect the way they view life and behave as adults.

Morality Education on TV

Reality TV

Perhaps the most deceptive form of supposed entertainment, reality TV, claims to represent true life. When children are exposed to this form of accepted morality, or lack thereof, we will continue to see the moral fabric of this great nation unravel. Consider the things that reality TV portrays as “OK”:

  • Breaking and entering
  • Drunkenness
  • Lying to instigate sympathy
  • Threats of stabbing people in the face
  • Betrayal
  • Cruelty

The list would continue. And, the higher-ups supporting this type of programming find that the willingness to push beyond ethical behavior is what brings entertainment to their show designs. In fact, they claim to reside on a moral continuum. Once side is morality whereas the other is immorality. How far are people willing to go on that continuum to win the prize at the end of the show’s competition?

One commenter suggested that the way people try to justify their ethics in situations like these is fascinating. We think it is absolutely disturbing. How can you justify wanting to stab someone in the face or lying about a sick relative to get ahead of other competitors? It goes back to the age old problem: money is the root of all kinds of evils.

Since most reality TV shows have some sort of monetary reward awaiting the winner, it seems obvious to recognize the fact that money is driving these people to step beyond the norms of ethical behaviors. But what is morality? Some would question. We could delve into that topic but it would take a good deal of time, so suffice it to say: read this.

Rules of Moral Behavior

Certainly there are definitive moral behaviors and rules as outlined by this book, but there are also those that seem to bridge all cultures and generations. The first of these rules appear to be all inclusive:

  • Don’t disable
  • Don’t kill
  • Don’t cause pain
  • Don’t divest of pleasure
  • Don’t cause oppression

However, the second part of the list seems to be something that reality TV and various other entertainment venues allow as situational:

  • Don’t cheat
  • Keep your promises
  • Don’t lie
  • Do your duty
  • Obey the law

When we teach our children that lying and cheating and disregarding the law are all based on circumstance and situation we are doing them a tremendous disservice. This is why utilizing the TV as a mode of moral education should be frowned upon.

Obviously, we are all going to sit down in front of the television from time to time but we need to be very aware of what we are allowing our children to see. To learn more about what kids see on TV click this. To see some correlations between TV and crime, go here.

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