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Invisible Heart Strings: Youth Seeking Future Careers Through Video

heartstringsInvisible Heart Strings: Youth Seeking Future Careers Through Video

There is an old saying stating that the closest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. But in this new age of technology…what if they were wrong? In our current modern times a cardiologist inserts long narrow tubes known as catheters deep into a patient’s blood stream to check a heart’s internal pressure. A special die is then injected once the catheter is in place, which in turn creates a blueprint for the physician to determine whether the heart’s functions have been obstructed by either lifestyle or genetics. In simple non-medical terms this process can be described using the metaphor of a small child drinking radioactive lemonade from a long narrow flexi-straw in a dark setting. By this very analogy many cardiologists are able to detect disease inside a patient’s heart long before it even begins. But what if in the near future in order to keep saving lives this very profession itself must also evolve? Could we as patients keep up? Or would many more perish from a lack of knowledge? Or would we simply turn to our children for the answers? Could a new generation of students emerging from various medical schools potentially revolutionize the way we see this field?

In order for our children to stop the war against our hearts before it even begins we must first educate them on what a cardiologist does. How much does a cardiologist make? How important is their role in our current and future society? On average, Americans suffer around 1.5 million heart attacks each year.  Roughly 2,200 people die from heart disease, which in turn results in over 600,000 deaths. It is safe to say that in order to change the future, we must first begin inside the present. This can be done by educating students on how to help save lives in this profession, and highlighting the daunting road along the way that they will take.

For starters…If a student is looking to start a career as a cardiologist they must understand the duty.  They must begin by dedicating themselves to over eight years of schooling and training.  Once certified, not only will they save lives in the present, but in the future as well. Though this path is challenging, it is one that will pay off in the end. Cardiologists are considered some of the most skilled doctors in the world. For more information on cardiologist salaries click here.

It is important that many young people understand that though becoming a future cardiologist requires ample dedication, good fortune is given to those in this life who persevere. Who knows… through video education and career exploration, a young medical student possessing enough intellect and inspiration with a little guidance can become the next Mother Teresa; or Jonas Salk the virologist of the polio vaccination. Heart disease may have had the power to kill thousands in the past. But it only takes a humble warrior of the present to save future lives.

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