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3 Ways to Bring Movie Lessons to Real Life

kids sharingEducational children’s movies are designed to teach children character traits using characters they can relate too. When the Little Einstein’s team teaches about colors and shapes, it’s easier for a child to engage and absorb the information. As your child grows he will learn more from each every educational video he watches. Some of the character traits such as sharing and responsibility are important skills for everyday life. Incorporating lessons into your day to day activities is best way to help ingrain them into the future personalities of your child.

1. Assign Household Tasks – Being a team player is an important part of every child’s learning. We often see characters working as a team to accomplish a specific goal in children’s videos. Implementing this in your own life is easier than you might think. Cleaning the home should be a “family” job and therefore also include your child. Any child over the age of two is capable of little tasks such as dusting or helping with the dishes.

Create a chore chart where you assign various household tasks to each child. You can attach monetary incentives to each of these if you wish. If you do not want to incentive your child with money then consider a points based reward system. For example, you could assign one point to each household task and when the child reaches five points then you can offer them a trip to the local ice cream shop. The benefits of a point

s system is that it also teaches the child to be patient with getting what they want.

2. Let Them Share a Space – Sharing is one of the hardest traits to instill in a child. From an early age, children can feel a sense of entitlement about gifts that are given specifically to them. As a result, they may have trouble playing in a group environment. One of the easiest ways to teach this lesson with your child is to have them share a space during the early years. Many parents choose to put both of their young children in the same bedroom. To save on space you will want to choose from a selection of bunk beds with stairs. Some of these items even have pull out beds that offer up extra sleeping space for friends. Encouraging children to work together with cleaning and playing in a room that they share is a great way to help them grow as individuals.

Pet-and-Child-Development3. Get a Pet or Plant – Teaching a child responsibility can easily be the most difficult thing. Children do not understand the need to be responsible for another person or thing. Their lives are filled with fun and playtime and naps and food. They have someone there to hold their hands every step of the way. But teaching your child how to care for something else is a vital life skill. It will teach them to value themselves more and help them show caring and compassion as they grow up.

A plant or pet are both good options for teaching your child responsibility. Younger children can benefit from a plant or from simple pets such as fish or a turtle. If you bombard your child with big responsibilities right away then it will seem like work. This is why a dog is not the best option until your children are reaching their pre-teen years. Keep it simple with a fish that your child is responsible for feeding or a plant that he is responsible for watering.

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