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Use Television Shows to Inspire New Physical Activities

While it is possible to exercise the mind by watching educational television, it does not do much for exercising the body.  Instead of just watching people do interesting activities on the shows, consider allowing them to inspire your next physical activity.  Whether you take the inspiration literally, or just use it as a starting point, if you see something that looks like it would be fun to try then find a way to work it into your day.

Use Television Shows to Inspire New Physical Activities

Exercise and Sport

A wide variety of television programs show people participating in regular exercise programs or playing sports.  For some sitcoms and fictional dramas, the show may be based around a group of characters who participate in the activity together while reality television provides a glimpse into the lives of people who have decided to dedicate themselves, or their children, to the activity.

If you see an exercise activity, such as dance or a new take on a traditional aerobics class, consider looking for class options in your local area.  Many fitness centers offer a selection of classes designed to appeal to a wide range of personal interests, while boutique studio fitness centers often focus on a particular form or category.  While not every city will have the exact offering that you saw on television, there is likely something similar in your local area.

Trying out a new sport may be an easier option, especially for students at schools with a large athletics program.  High schools often offer a fairly standard selection of sports depending on the season, and colleges will have official teams as well as standard physical education classes on many sports ranging from standard team sports, such as basketball or volleyball, to certain individual skill based activities, including fencing and archery.  Many communities also have continuing education, or adult enrichment, courses that are designed to bring those with similar interests together to participate in a class for fun and leisure.

Inspiration Beyond Normal Exercise

You do not have to limit yourself to traditional sport or exercise options when looking for inspiration.  For example, if a show that includes references to the water, be it location specific or just a general activity, some casual boating activities can provide physical activity and fun.  Whether you want to start with the best inflatable paddle board you can find in the area, or simply renting a canoe or kayak, a day on the water may be easier to coordinate than you initially think.  Similarly, seeing a particularly scenic stretch of woods may be inspiration to take a hike in a nearby state or national park.

Trying certain hobbies can also have a physical component.  Recent shows about blacksmithing, such as Forged in Fire, could spark an interest in home blacksmithing, while home improvement shows may inspire you to update your garden, paint your home, or build a new piece of furniture, all of which take physical effort to complete.

Even if television and physical activity do not always go hand-in-hand, you can find new and inspiring ideas for adding activity into your life from almost anywhere.  If you see something you would like to try, check out what is available in your local community to see if there is a class you may enjoy, or strike out on your own to appreciate nature in a physical way.

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