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Skin Care: What You and Your Child Need To Know

If you have a child who is reaching teenage age, chances are good that he or she will struggle with breakouts. Also known as acne, pimple, whiteheads, and blackheads, it’s a skin condition that affects millions of people around the world. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology estimates that about 40-50 million Americans have acne. Anyone can get acne, but it is much more common among teenagers and young adults.

Skin CareAcne is not considered a serious health threat; but for those who have it, it can be very painful and uncomfortable, particularly if it shows up in your teenage years. It’s a very visible condition that can affect how you feel about yourself. And depending on the severity of it, skin acne can be very hard to treat. But of course, this doesn’t mean that you can never treat it. Acne is a treatable condition. With the right information and knowledge, you can help your child prevent getting breakouts and even eliminate them when they show up. Here are basic skincare tips that you and your child can perform to avoid breakouts and reduce them.

  • Wash your face at least twice daily. One of the common causes of acne is clogged pores. Every day, we are exposed to many elements, such as dirt, dust, and other pollutants that can leave our pores irritated and clogged. If we let these things get trapped inside our pores, they can multiply and cause spots.

To avoid having breakouts, it’s crucial to wash your face regularly, at least twice daily, to effectively remove any dirt that enters your skin. But remember to only use mild soap and facial products when cleansing, as products with harsh ingredients can irritate your skin and cause pimples.

  • Choose makeup and other facial products carefully. If you were to ask me, I would not recommend the use of any makeup as most of them contain ingredients that are not good for the skin. But if you’re really fond of makeup and other face products, I suggest that you pick items that have mild ingredients and are oil-free.

And if you wear makeup, make sure that you remove them before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup can irritate your skin, and trigger your glands to produce oil, which is also a cause of acne problem.

  • Try not to touch your skin. Never ever squeeze or pinch your pimples no matter how irritating they look. The thing is, your finger contains a lot of bacteria that can enter your skin and may aggravate your skin condition, or even worse, cause lifetime marks, such as permanent scars and dark spots.
  • Limit the use of hairstyle products. Similar to makeup, I’m also not a fan of hairstyle products as these also contain ingredients that can harm our skin and hair. But if you really want and need to use certain products, I recommend that you limit their use and avoid heavy application as those products can also get in your skin and cause breakouts in those areas. It’s also a good thing keep your hair away from your face all the time, particularly when using such products.

Prevention is the key to controlling acne. If you don’t want your child to struggle with breakouts when she or he reaches the teenage age, let her or him know the proper way on taking care of the skin. And if, for instance, your child struggles with breakouts, it’s crucial to talk to a dermatologist to determine the right things to do, or use medically-approved face products to properly treat her or his condition, such as Face Up. For more information regarding this newly-developed acne solution, visit www.faceupakne.de.

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