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Why Garden Chores Are Important For Education

Educational programs are great for teaching kids about all of the fascinating things in the world while they are hiding away from the dangerous sun during hot summer days.  But you should always be careful when allowing your children to watch TV no matter how educational a program may be.  The main reason why TV is bad for your kids is because they aren’t moving around which means that their muscles and bodies aren’t getting the needed exercise to build and develop correctly.  Garden chores are a great way to get your kids out of the house and will teach them a lot about life.

Why Garden Chores Are Important For Education

Things kids learn when doing garden chores

Learn how to gardenLearning how to garden is always a good skill.  Your child might one day want to grow a beautiful garden of his or her own, start an own gardening company, become a landscaper or simply want to grow their own food.  When they do gardening as a chore they learn how to care for plants and the garden.

Learn responsibility – Doing chores is a great way to learn how to work and how to be responsible.  Garden work is great for teaching responsibility because if they don’t maintain plants, their plants will die or become untamed.

Good exercise – Garden work is hard work which means it is also great exercise for your kids.

Explore the world – Kids learn a lot when they spend time in the garden.  They see different types of plants, insects, birds and trees.

The best tools for gardening

There are a lot of garden tools out there that will make gardening a lot easier.  Garden tools that every home owner should have include;

Lawn care tools – Young children shouldn’t use power tools but as they get older they can safely use tools like a lawnmower, rakes, leaf blowers, lawn edgers and more.  You can check out http://toolsaroundthehouse.com/reviews/best-self-propelled-lawn-mower-guide/ to have a look at some of the best lawn mowers that are currently on the market.

Digging tools – Digging tools like shovels, spades, garden forks, hand forks and trowels are great for developing strong upper arm and back muscles.

Cultivating tools – Do you have a little farmer on your hands?  Then cultivation tools like a hoe, landscape rake, bulb planter, spreader or garden tiller will make your child love farming even more.

Weeding tools – Weeding is a great punishment for foul behavior so invest in good weeding tools like a hand weeder, fishtail weeder, crack weeder or weed whip.

Cutting and pruning tools – The only cutting garden tools your child might be able to use are a hand pruner or loppers.  The rest is simply too dangerous for kids.

You can check here for other garden tools that you or your kids can use to make gardening much more fun.

Get your kids excited about garden work

It’s hard to get kids excited about any kind of work or chore.  Especially now that there are so many technological devices on which to play games these days.  A good reward system is however a great way to motivate your kids to do their chores.  You can also invent fun gardening games to try to make the chores a bit more fun.

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