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Why Parents Should Consider Interior Design for a Career Switch

Parenthood is tough and you only get one chance at it.  If you miss out on the tender years of a child’s development then you are very likely to never grow a strong bond with them or to miss out on a lot of warning signs to indicate that your child might be struggling.  The only way to reduce the chances of having your kids resent you for their lives is to actually be there for them even though a career switch is needed.

Why Parents Should Consider Interior Design for a Career Switch

Why interior design is the perfect career for a parent

Interior design has some fantastic benefits for your children and for you.  Here are some of the top reasons to become an interior designer;

It’s fun – Interior designers are professional shoppers.  They spend hours of their days looking for new and exciting décor and functional concepts that will make the home life simper and better looking.

Creative – Your creative senses are stimulated each and every time you try to convert a home, apartment or building which also comes in handy when you transform your own home.

Something new each day – Each day brings forth new challenges and new and exciting projects.  There is never a dull moment in the designing industry.

Flexi time – You can choose which yours you are going to work. This is fantastic for raising children because you get to spend more time with them when they need you.

Great pay – If you make it in interior designing, you can provide your children with a better education and future.

Greater social circle – You will get acquainted with all of the famous or wealthy people in your area which can open a lot of doors for your children in the business sector.

Reputation – If you are successful in your job, your reputation will precede you and you will become a proud subject for your community and children.

Learn from others mistakes

Very few interior designers are successful in their career and even those who make it big have a few mistakes that you can learn from to help shape your own personal style and system.  Juan Pablo Molyneux, for instance is one of the most famous interior designers in America.  He did the interior designing for several famous homes all over America, Europe and the Middle East and reached a status where his influence in a home’s interior design escalated the property’s value dramatically. In his life he had been accused wrongfully of a home’s interior which came out terribly wrong because he was working on the startup project but was never able to finish. In the end his name was linked to the slurred job which he had no hand in and it caused a lot of damage to his reputation. There are also several other interior design hiccups that you should check out before you launch your career.

A career switch is not an easy choice but can be rewarding if you find yourself in a better suited and more liked position in the future that gives you more freedom and time to spend with your children.

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