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The Best Ways to Keep Kids Warm Without Using a Heater

Keeping young kids warm is probably the hardest task in the world during winter times.  Toddlers will keep pulling their shoes and socks off no matter what you do and younglings will throw their jackets off no matter how cold it is.  It is tough to get kids through the winter without illnesses and colds, especially if you don’t want to keep using a heater when they are having a bit of indoors fun or when they are enjoying their favorite educational TV shows.

The Best Ways to Keep Kids Warm Without Using a Heater

Why you should try to limit the use of a heater

Heaters make winter time incredibly comfortable because you can easily get any room nice and snug.  But heaters also have some major disadvantages to your home and your family such as;

  • Using a heater is expensive. You are sure to see a massive increase in your monthly electric bill.
  • Heaters dry out the air which leads to disorders like asthma, bronchitis, sinus problems and even nose bleeds.
  • Heaters affect your skin badly because it dries out the air. You can expect a lot of itchiness and rashes during the winter.
  • Heaters can affect the eyes because they can dry out your tear ducts which will eventually cause permanent damage.

Top ways to stay warm without a heater

Get goose down comforters – Goose down comforters is incredibly lightweight and breathable but also keeps warm like no other blanket type does.  Goose down comforters also works terrific during the summer because the goose feathers naturally regulate body temperature so you will be cooler during summer and warmer during winter. If you want your kids to be chill and cold free during the winter then it is time to invest in a good quality white goose down comforter so your kids can be warm and cozy without ever switching the heater on.

Stock up on fleece blankets – A couple of fleece blankets in the living room will keep your kids nice and snug while they are enjoying some quiet time in front of the television or while they are playing their favorite games.

Burn scented candles – A candle can bring lots of heat into a room and if you burn scented candles your home will smell fantastic.   Scented candles are terrific for creating a sense of calm in your home and will chase away that misty smell associated with cold winters.  Just be careful when burning scented candles where children are nearby because you could end up burning down your home.

Close the doors – Closing your doors and windows the moment you get home is also great for locking in some heat and for keeping chills out of the house.  There is nothing that can chill a home or spread a cold faster than a chilly draft in a house.

Let the sun in – Natural sunlight is one of the best home heaters there is because it is free and it is a resource that can never be consumed.  Draw back the curtains and let in some sun during the day.  Sunlight is not just good for heating your home but will also fight depression.

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