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Try Meals in a Cup to Fuel Fussy Eaters While They Are Busy Learning

Keeping your children nourished is tough, especially when you are dealing with a fussy eater.  It is important for your child to get a balanced diet each and every day and the balanced diet should include a good portion of veggies, fruit, dairy, protein and fibers or your child will soon start experiencing health problems or suffer with their digestion.  Getting kids to eat is already a big challenge and getting them to eat these needed portions is just about impossible if your child is always busy learning and exploring the world around him or her or when he or she simply won’t eat while concentrating on a favorite educational show on the TV.  If you struggle to keep your little one nourished then it is time to give meal cups a try.

Try Meals in a Cup to Fuel Fussy Eaters While They Are Busy Learning

How meal cups can help with fussy eaters

Chewing is tough for young toddlers.  It takes a long time for your kids to consume their food and usually they give up on the entire process well before they are full simply because they have other interests and things to see.  Chewing something they don’t like is absolutely awful since the taste lingers a lot longer.  When the meals are in a cup they can sip on the go.  Meal cups are also great for fussy eaters since you can easily disguise a lot of the things your child doesn’t like by adding different ingredients to make the meals tastier.

Get a good quality blender

A good quality blender can make meal cup preparation super easy.  With a Vitamix Blender you can easily prepare a wholesome meal in as little as five minutes.  You can also create a wonderful variety of meal cups for your child since good quality blenders can process just about any food source quickly and easily.  The blenders are also great for busy moms since there is little to clean afterwards and they are so easy to use.

Make health meal cups for kids

With a blender you can create a great variety of health meals in cups.   You can make just about any soups that they can enjoy.  Smoothies and even health smoothies are great for hot summer days and you can even spoil your child with a delicious dessert such as fluffed ice cream, sorbets, frozen chocolate cups and much more.

Meal cups are great for kids who are always on the go

Meal cups are not just great for disguising some of the things your child doesn’t want to eat.  They are also terrific for keeping your little one nourished when you are on the road and for feeding them while they are exploring the garden, staring at a favorite educational program on TV or running through the house.  They can simply stop, sip and be off on their adventure once again.  Your little one will also be a lot cleaner during meals since they don’t have sticky or greasy hands after meals anymore.

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