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Healthy Drinking While Watching TV

WATERWatching TV with the kids is great. It’s an easy way to spend time with them and, if you watch the right shows, they can even learn a thing or two. However, we have a nasty habit of snacking while we watch. It’s something that’s been ingrained in us ever since the first movie goer brought along a bag of popcorn and a soft drink. If you like to keep your child healthy while you lounge around watching TV then you probably make them drink water, or mix it with some cordial. But you might be doing them more harm than good if your house suffers from hard water. It’s a condition that affects old pipes where the water begins to calcify and in large doses it’s bad for health. So check these out for the source for the best water softener.

–       Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener

This is a whole house system, which means you, your partner and child will all benefit. If you’re not sure you have a hard water issue, ask yourself if your skin and hair is always really dry after using a shower. Have you switched to a more potent conditioner lately? Does your water have a funny stale taste to it that simply won’t go away? These are all signs that you have an issue. The Fleck will filter all of that water for you and take away the negative particles. It’s a fancy, top of the range brand which comes with a digital operating system allowing you to every aspect of your water filtration.

–       Watts RV PRO-1000 OR M7002 Portable Water Softener

If you just want to give soft water a try without the large investment of a tank, then you can purchase a personal water softener for very little. These are usually designed for travellers on the go, but it can easily be used in the home. Just fill it up and let it do its work, then compare a glass of soft water to regular tap water. You can always use it for your child’s drinks even if you aren’t worried about your own health.

–       Morton Salt MSD34C System Saver Water Softener

A lot of these filters cost an arm and a leg, and in today’s economy people simply don’t have the luxury of splashing out. But the Morton is a cost effective system that is not only cheaper to purchase, but cheaper to run, too. The cost of the health hazards of hard water is far more than that of a filter, so make the decision and give your family the water they deserve.


If your interested in these types of softeners check out Aquasana. Their dual capability of shower filtering and water treatment is ideal for every home owner. Click above to check them out.



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