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The Best Hunting Shows to Watch on TV

Have you been developing an interest in hunting lately? Fair chase hunting is the best option, and if you really want to learn a thing or two then you should watch some TV shows related to hunting. Here’s a list of hunting shows that are worth watching:

Crush with Lee and Tiffany

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky are a husband/wife group of expert hunters who hone 100% fair chase on their two vast Iowa ranches. The couple is resolved to fair chase rehearses and deals with their great deer groups normally with a considerable measure of hard labor. In case you’re searching for a quality fair chase hunting show with truckloads of money and no high fences, Crush is the ideal show for you.

The Best Hunting Shows to Watch on TV

Dream Season: The Journey

The Drury siblings are known for mind blowing fair chase hunting recordings. They have been bringing us the best huge buck chases for more than a quarter century, Dream Season: The Journey is the same.

The preface of the show is an opposition between hunters through the span of a season to see which group scores the most as indicated by a board of judges. Since each chase is 100% fair chase, finding the best creatures to take can be a test and that is the thing that makes this an awesome show to watch.

Bow Madness

Another Drury Brothers fair chase offering is Bow Madness. Loaded with mind blowing bow chases by the Drurys and companions, this is one of the best bowhunting shows on TV. The Drury’s never neglect to inspire, and Bow Madness is another gleaming achievement.

In case you’re an ardent bowhunter tired of seeing high fence kills pretending to be actual hunts, this is the show for you. All chases are 100% fair chase and the activity never stops.

Winchester and Drury’s Natural Born

The Drury siblings have collaborated with Winchester to make a one of a kind crossover of 100% fair chase hunting combined with tips and methods from Winchester’s specialists en route. For those hunters who adore getting a couple shooting pointers while watching mind blowing chases, this is the show for you.

Eastman’s Hunting TV

Eastman’s Hunting TV is the ideal show for do-it-yourself fair chase hunting. Since the show is 100% moral chases and spotlights on showing fair chase techniques while bringing down some nice bucks, it is one of the best hunting shows currently being aired on TV. They also emphasize on how important it is to have the right gear, what type of telescope you should invest in, choosing the best monocular and so on. When it comes to choosing a monocular, many factors need to be considered such as lens, magnification, prism type, coating, weight and dimensions.

Primos Truth About Hunting

Primos Truth About Hunting is another awesome addition to the 100% fair chase hunting list. Facilitated by the Primos Hunting Team (Will Primos, Brad Farris, Jimmy Primos, Kevin Meacham, Slade Reeves, Keith Burgess, Chris Ashley, and Cody Kelley), the show is loaded with proficient, capable hunters.

The Choice with Ralph and Vicki

Much the same as the Lakosky’s, Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo have built up a vast pool of fans just after their first episode was aired. They co-host a few 100% fair chase hunting shows including The Choice and Archer’s Choice. Both have been hunting for a long time and bring experienced, fascinating chases to viewers without the need to confine their kills in high fence regions.

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