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Learn How to Trade with Help from Television

Many people are interested in trading.  Whether you are interested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or currency exchanges, there is a lot of information available on television to help you get your footing.  If you want to begin to learn about the market, consider these resources to help you become more familiar and for current pricing information.

Use Your Commute to Learn New Skills by Using Carpools and Public Transportation

Shows to Make You a Better Investor

There are a variety of shows available that work to help you become a better investor.  Mad Money with Jim Cramer focuses on teaching you to think how professional investors think.  Cramer reviews how to analyze stock information, while staying away from various get-rich-quick kinds of advice.  This can be helpful for those looking to earn gains over the long-term, and also have the patient to develop a full investment strategy.

The Barefoot Investor provides information in a way that is easy for most people to understand.  Not only is investing covered, but so is information about the tax implications of investing.  This can provide an excellent basis for those who are generally unfamiliar with the activity.

Taking Stock teaches viewers to value a stock more accurately.  A variety of analysts are interviewed, allowing them to provide insight into the sectors where they can offer their expertise.  Unlike certain financial news shows that tend to turn in to yelling matches, the 10 to 15 minute interviews are more calm and professional, allowing truly helpful information to be conveyed.

Shows about Business

Another key area to examine for information are shows about business.  For example, Your Money reviews some of the most important pieces of business news for the week, as well as how this information may affect a particular business’s stock performance.  Changes in the price of specific commodities or other production materials are reviewed, helping you anticipate any cost shifts that may positively or negatively affect the bottom line of a business.

Shark Tank introduces viewers to newer businesses while promoting the idea of entrepreneurship.  This can help you learn how to spot a business with a potentially profitable idea, which may allow you to invest before the business is well known, while also helping you learn the warning signs of a business that may be doomed to fail.

Shows about Money

Regardless of your interest in investing, you shouldn’t ignore basic money management advice.  Shows like The Dave Ramsey Show and The Suze Orman Show provide general advice regarding personal finance, while also including some basics about investing.  This can help you take control of your entire financial life, and may help you free up more money for investments.

Supplement Your Television Experience

Television alone will not necessarily provide everything you need to know to trade effectively.  There are a variety of online resources, such as the EURUSD Weekly Forex Forecast, that can help you track additional points of interest along the way.  General news sites can also provide a wealth of information about various political situations across the globe that may impact a business’s performance, as well as keep you up to date on the changing prices stocks as well as global currencies.  Even notable weather events can affect an investment’s performance, and may be reported through traditional news outlets depending on the severity and amount of impact it has on the particular location.

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