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Take them outside and play!!

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIESMany kids these days are addicted to the television. The increase in obesity has shown that we need to get our kids out into the yard and start running and playing with them. The best way to do that is limit their television time and get them involved in a sport or activity that is geared towards exercise and outside time. Trying many different things till you find the right one your child is interested in will take some time but once you find that outside activity they enjoy you will be so much happier.

Taking your kids outdoors and playing basketball can be fun for all. But one thing you will need is a basketball pad for the basket to stand on. This can be easily accomplished by contacting www.paving-capetown.co.za they can help you to determine what size pad you will need and where it is best to put it.

Other things that can be added to your yard for your child’s outside enjoyment could be a block patio. The difference in riding your bike on your block patio and asphalt driveways are different. Asphalt driveways lead to the road where block patios can be in the back yard and be safer to keep the kids away from traffic. So building a block patio for bike riding for your little one in your backyard is a better alternative than letting them ride on the driveway or on the road.

Playing tag is a very rewarding exercise for children. Not only are they getting exercise from running from each other or you but they are learning to share the position of who is it. This builds relationships and teaches them fine motor skills. Tag is an all-time favorite outside game for most kids. Although some kids may be more sensitive and not like being tagged it. So make sure that whoever is playing with your kids is not going to get upset if they are tagged it.

Baseball is another sport activity that you can play with your children. Taking them to the front yard and throwing the ball for them to hit and run imaginary basis teaches them sportsmanship and to play on a team. Get all the neighborhood kids together and throw some balls for hitting practice. Praise the ones that try and fail and praise the ones that try and make a run.

Kick ball is another great activity to do outside with your kids. All you need is a kick ball and a bunch of friends and a few items to represent base. You put someone on every base and then the rest line up and kick the ball as hard as they want to get to base. The best part about kick ball is running the bases while others are chasing the runaway ball. This is one activity that everyone loves.

So now you have a few ideas of activities to get your kids out of the house, off the television, and into a sport or game with friends. Now go outside and play.


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