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Tips to make sure your child watches the right TV programs

It is the easiest thing to keep your child occupied with television while you are handling daily tasks like cooking, washing and other activities. The difference is what you choose to show your child. There are scientific studies that prove children gain great knowledge and skill from TV especially when you engage them in educational TV programs. Take a look at a couple of steps to take to ensure you are always aware of what your child is watching by putting them on a media diet. Read more about the positive side about TV.

Tips to make sure your child watches the right TV programs

Make sure you know what’s on

Take a bit of time out of your busy schedule and notice what your child is watching. Stay informed by talking to them and finding out who their favorite characters are and in such a way determining which shows they enjoy and watch regularly. If you have a nanny that takes care of them ask her to keep an eye on what your child is watching.

Join the party

For the first couple of days join your child and watch a couple of shows together. It might not be the best experience for you but it will keep you informed of the types of programs that are being broadcasted and what you feel comfortable with.

Use parental-control

There are some fantastic features on most broadcasting channels where you can control which channels your child can watch and for how long they can watch it. Keep an eye on this and make sure you set boundaries. Bed time should be at the same time every night.

Keep TV time limited to the TV room

It is a bit of a problem to keep the situation under control if your child has access to a television set in their bedroom. It is recommended to keep the TV in a room where you can keep an eye if you have to.

Let the babysitter in on your plan

If you decide to visit dateandsimple.com and perhaps have an amazing night planned with all the best dating ideas let your babysitter know that your child is on a media diet which will help you to keep control of the situation while you aren’t at home.

Keep an eye on violence

Violence is unfortunately ever present in cartoons today and unlike Sylvester chasing Tweety you can now witness a full sword fight on your child’s favorite programs. Don’t let your little one watch any violent programs. This is part of the media diet and will allow your child to gain knowledge and social skills from watching TV.

Switch to educational programming

Educational programming is a great tool to make use of television in a productive and healthy way for your child. There are some fantastic educational channels that will allow your child to learn while watching TV. This is a way to make sure your child is prepared for schooling and learn about common life skills. Click here for a list of great educational programs.

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