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What TV Shows Can Teach about the Law

Television shows about criminal investigations, courtroom drama, and small claims court have become a common occurrence across many television networks.  While television shows may not portray every aspect of the legal world accurately, it can provide some indication as to how the pieces work together.  If you are looking for some of the best television shows about law and criminal justice, take some time to enjoy the following.

What TV Shows Can Teach about the Law

Law & Order

You can’t bring up shows about the law without mentioning Law & OrderOne of the longest running shows on television, and the source of a variety of spinoffs and copycats, Law & Order, follows investigators through the investigation process.  Once a crime is reported, the show follows various investigators and lawyers as they try to find the guilty party, and build a solid case.

While the show may skim over some of the intricacies of the work and subject matter, it can help people become familiar with the overall flow of how a case progresses through the different parts of the criminal justice system.

Murder One

While the series was relatively short-lived, Murder One took a unique approach by focusing the majority of each season on the happenings surrounding one specific case.  The show focused on defense attorney Teddy Hoffman and his associates as they worked to defend an actor charged with murder.  While the activities do not always represent how things actually work in the office of a defense attorney, it can provide some insight into how each side works to prove their case.

TV Small Claims Courts

Whether you are a fan of Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, or one of the countless other courtroom personalities on television, watching a case unfold as if you were in the room can be an interesting site.  While there can be a level of controversy regarding how well these shows truly represent what it is like to be participant in a small claims court case, it does help viewers to understand many of the most common facets of how a courtroom is run.

For example, plaintiffs and defendants may bring in various items as evidence in their case.  Depending on the nature of the evidence, and its validity to the case, it may or may not be permitted to support a case based on rules that are generally quite similar to how evidence is judged in a regular court case.  Similarly, witnesses may be presented by either side as a way to help support their side of the story.

While the plaintiff is normally the person who begins the first case, defendants may be able to counter sue for any damages they may have experienced, which can occur in civil suits.  Additionally, judgements are rendered based on the merits of each case, with some cases resulting in no damages awarded for either side.

And Many More

There are a wide variety of legal shows on television.  Sometimes it seems that the number is growing every day.  While shows about legal proceedings can be interesting, it is important to realize that information from these shows cannot substitute for the work of an actual lawyer, such as those found at http://www.londoncriminaldefence.com/.  If you need real legal assistance, consult with a professional.

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