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Learn about Living Green through Television and Movies

Whether you are looking for simple changes you can make in your home to make your life greener, or are considering some serious overhauls, there are a variety of television shows and documentaries that can help you get started.  Best of all, many of them are suitable for people of all ages, making them a great mechanisms for introducing the ideas of energy conservation and green living to children of all ages.

Learn about Living Green through Television and Movies

If you are interested in learning about a more environmentally way to live, consider checking out these shows and movies to get you started.

Carbon Nation

This documentary reviews a variety of topics that can be applicable to a greener way of life.  It focuses part of its time by exploring the vast array of alternative energy sources, and tells it stories through the efforts of everyday people who are trying to live more energy efficient lives.

The film tries to steer clear of finger-pointing and excessive talk about political influences or climate change, allowing it to be more appropriate for some younger viewers, and tries to bring the ideas of energy conversation to the masses in an accessible way.

After watching the film, you can integrate some energy saving options into your own home.  Consider switching out your lightbulbs, including art gallery lighting, for more efficient LED versions.

Tiny House Nation

One show that is aiming to counteract the excessive way of living that was seen before the housing bubble burst is Tiny House Nation.  Instead of focusing on creating large, sprawling homes, the show looks at how to bring the highest quality of living into unexpectedly small spaces.

Not only can tiny homes be more energy efficient, they also do not require as much energy to produce, and use far less in the way of materials when compared to a standard home.  As the tiny house movement grows in popularity, more features are being developed with these small dwellings in mind, allowing many people to have all of the necessities of a comfortable home in a smaller space.

Flea Market Flip

For those interested in the idea of upcycling, Flea Market Flip is a show that shouldn’t be missed.  Although it is setup like a competition, the focus is to take items that are old, worn out, and in disrepair, and give them new life.  While the style choices shown in the show are not what everyone would choose, the principles behind the activity is something everyone can get behind.

Upcycling helps keep materials out of landfills, and also helps to lower the need for newly produced goods recreating an item to fit a current need.

Texas Flip N Move

If you want to take the idea of upcycling to the next level, Texas Flip N Move takes the idea to a new level.  Instead of simply upcycling items to sell, or remodeling a worn down house, the show focuses on teams that remodel and relocate full size homes.  While the show doesn’t focus on green living specifically, the concept of upcycling a home is one that shouldn’t be ignored.

Now that you have seen some ways to introduce the concepts of energy conservation and greener living through television and movies, you care sure to find a way that inspires you and your family.  Give one a try today and see where it takes you.

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