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Best Televisions Shows about Science and Technology

Television shows can offer amazing learning opportunities.  Shows about science and technology can introduce you to new ideas, and help you learn more about your areas of interest.  Whether you want to understand how cell site equipment works, how bridges are made, or why Twinkies last so long without spoiling, there is likely a show for you.

Best Televisions Shows about Science and Technology

Inventions and Ingenuity

Shows about new inventions and changing technology are popular with a wide range of people.  For example, Modern Marvels has been giving viewers a glimpse into the amazing world around us.  Whether they are exploring wonders of engineering, or complete failures, the spirit of the show keeps you in awe.  You will learn about the minds behind some of the world’s most intriguing inventions, and how those visionaries have changed the world you live in today.

How It’s Made explores, just as the name suggests, how various things are made.  It follows the production of various goods that are used across the country, and across the world.  Everything from simple items to complex machinery can be explored.  It provides an inside look at what it takes to bring goods to the market place, and the efforts of the people who are involved are highlighted along the way.


A staple on PBS, NOVA brings all things science to life.  Whether it is exploring life in the oceans, examining the most famous mummies across the globe, understanding how viruses effect the human body, or an exploration of cyberwarfare, they have you covered.  The show keeps everything accessible while still retaining its level of intelligence.  It is appropriate for viewers of all age, in most cases, and can be a fascinating way to discover new things about our world today, tomorrow, and yesterday.

Monsters Inside Me takes an incredibly close look at the microscopic organisms that can be found in the body.  Not a show for the faint of heart, it is nevertheless a fascinating look at what can, and does, live within the body of people today.  Some examinations are of fairly common, but no less unnerving, parasites and organisms, while others are rarely seen in the population today.

For those who keep their eyes to the stars, The Universe on the History Channel explores some of the greatest mysteries of space.  Episodes focus on how the sun functions, what a black hole actually is, and how galaxies are formed.  While much of what is out there is still unknown, some shows speculate on the likelihood of life on other planets, as well as the presence of planets that can support human life.

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is a staple for those interested in the wild underwater world of sharks.  This series has been running since 1998, and still commands attention today.  Shows focus on these dangerous, though often misunderstood, creatures and shine a light on how they live, hunt, and travel.  Shows vary every year, helping keep the material fresh and current.

Many More Opportunities

There are many more shows about developments in science and technology, and more seem to come about every day.  If you are truly fascinated by these shows, take the time to explore your options throughout your cable lineup.  You may be surprised at what you learn along the way.

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