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Hands-On Activities Inspired by Television

If you are looking for ways to turn television programs from simple, mindless entertainment into a meaningful activity you can enjoy, allow yourself to be inspired by what you see.  Whether it is an interesting meal possibility, an inspiring piece of artwork in the background, or a particularly eye-catching outfit, television can provide you with a variety of ideas that can translate into hands-on experiences that you can enjoy yourself, or share with others.

Cooking Inspiration

Television shows about cooking make regular appearances on cable and network television.  Whether it is a step-by-step instructional piece designed to walk you through the process of creating the featured meal, or a competition show that has you inspired to work with a particular ingredient, use that information to take yourself from a simple television view to a doer.

Cooking activities can often be great for adults and children alike.  Not only can they be used to teach new skills, they can also introduce people to new flavors and cultures depending on the nature of the recipe that is selected.  In cases where a particular ingredient is the inspiration, planning a meal around it can help develop problem solving skills as well as exercise a person’s creativity.

Hands-On Activities Inspired by Television

Art Projects

Whether a show is based on reality, or is a piece of fiction, you may see interesting pieces within the set that get your creative juices flowing.  Whether it is a pattern on a throw pillow, a photograph or painting on the wall, or a particular piece of home décor, taking the time to figure out how you can create a similar piece for use in your own home can lead to many exciting projects.

Many sewing machines for beginners are all it takes to sew a new case for a throw pillow.  All you need is to find a similar fabric to the one that inspired you and follow a basic pillow case pattern.  Some designs are simple enough that even children can take part in the project.

If a piece of art is your inspiration, you can approach it in a variety of ways.  If you have the necessary artistic skills, you can attempt to replicate the look of the piece on your own.  Alternatively, you can use it to inspire a piece with a similar feel.  For example, if a featured photograph contained an particularly attractive set of colors, see if you can integrate those colors into other art or display pieces to capture a piece of the inspiration.

Custom Clothing and Accessories

Another project for those who like to sew can be to use looks seen on television as inspiration for your own custom clothing pieces.  Whether it is a pattern added to a basic t-shirt, a new skirt design, or even a new fabric purse, using items from television as springboards for new ideas can be a fun way to express yourself while staying on-trend.  Additionally, making your own pieces may be cheaper than buying a similar item from a retail store.

Accessories can also be reproduced.  Many jewelry making materials can be found at various craft stores, especially when it comes to beaded pieces.  You can also use a piece solely as inspiration, drawing from its colors, shapes, or size to create a piece that is completely unique while preserving the feel of the piece that was your source of inspiration.

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