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Simplify Your Life to Focus More Time on Education

Most of us would love to spend more time focused on our educations, whether that is through video exploration or traditional educational mean.  You can find more time by simplifying other areas of your life, such as cooking and cleaning.  Now, just because you are making certain daily tasks easier doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of the end result.

Simplify Your Life to Focus More Time on Education

Here are some small changes you can make in your daily life that can give you more time to focus on learning.

Control Household Clutter to Clean Faster

While the initial time investment may be higher, decluttering today can save significant cleaning time tomorrow.  Without as many small items to manage, you can complete most cleaning tasks more quickly, such as dusting shelves or wiping down counters.

Part of keeping clutter down is making sure that most projects do not remain unfinished.  For example, if you shred paperwork once it is no longer needed, take care of that project immediately instead of letting paperwork pile up waiting to be managed.

Have the Right Cleaning Tools and Supplies

You can also complete household cleaning tasks more quickly by making sure you have the right tools and supplies on hand for the tasks you are looking to accomplish.  For example, a lightweight, modern vacuum may be more effective for quick cleaning than an older, heavier model that has lost some of its suction.

Disposable cleaning wipes can also make cleaning tasks simpler, and is often considered more sanitary for certain tasks than using, and reusing, a sponge to handle cleaning tasks.  An extendable duster can also make it easier to clean harder to reach places, such as ceiling fans or high shelves, eliminating the need to drag a ladder around in order to complete the task.

Clean Glass with Newspaper

Glass surfaces, such as bathroom mirrors and windows, can be effectively cleaned with just a few pieces of crumpled up newspaper.  Not only does this allow you to reuse an item that may normally be thrown away, it also limits the amount of chemical-based cleaners you use within your home.  In cases where you need something a little stronger, regular white vinegar can also serve as an excellent cleaner.

Alternate Cooking Methods

You can also speed up cooking duties through the use of more efficient cooking methods.  For example, the best slow cooker can create an entire meal without having to be overly involved after the prep.  Once the items, such as a roast and vegetables, are cut and prepared, they can be set in the crockpot and left to cook.  This eliminates time spent stirring items on a stove top, or rotating multiple dishes in an oven.

Table top electric grills can also speed up cooking times by being setup to cook both sides of food items, such as chicken breasts or steaks at the same time, eliminating the need to flip items and potentially cutting cooking time in half.

By speeding up regular household tasks you can dedicate more time to learning every day, giving you the opportunity to explore new and exciting areas that you may have otherwise missed.  Whether you choose to fill the time with educational television or by taking a formal class, time spent learning is always a positive in life.

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