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Get Your Kids to Enjoy Field Hockey So They Can Be Active and Healthy

One of the hardest things about raising children is realizing that your child may have a problem.  It is hard in the first place because to you your child is perfect in every way and in the second place it is difficult to admit that others are right about your child.  With technology came a series of problems in children such as obesity, ADD, inattentiveness and a whole lot more conditions.  Most of these conditions results from using technology like TV or tabs too much because kids don’t learn to pay attention to their surroundings anymore and they don’t burn enough calories and energy during the day.  As a parent you can and should help your kids skip out on all of these unhealthy conditions by getting the entire family interested in sports.  Sports like field hockey is incredibly competitive, fun and is something all ages can enjoy.  Field hockey is also one of the most affordable sports there is since you can enjoy it in just about any back yard and you only need a few essential pieces of equipment to get started.

Get Your Kids to Enjoy Field Hockey So They Can Be Active and Healthy

The basics your child will need for field hockey

Backpack – A backpack is always good for hauling all of your child’s gear everywhere you go.  Your kids can easily stock up on everything they need including snacks and beverages so they and you can be completely mobile and flexible.

Hockey stick – Hockey sticks are a bit tricky and you may have to do some research on them before you start buying.  These sticks vary in shape and design according to the age of your child and according to the part they play in the game.  There are different youth sticks such as field hockey goalie sticks, midfielder sticks, defender sticks and forwards sticks.  Make sure you buy the right type of sticks for your kids so you they can make the most out of their game and so you won’t end up spending unnecessary cash.  The plus side of buying youth sticks is that you can always resell the sticks when your child becomes too tall for that particular stick since they are incredibly durable.

Shin guards – Shin guards is a must for youths because hockey can often be violent and accidents happen frequently.  The shin area is the area of your child’s body that is bound to get injured in just about any game.

Hockey ball – Hockey balls are heavy and solid in weight.  They are available in just about any color and are one of the essentials of the game.

Outfit – Your child will also need some loose fitting sportswear and good gripped sneakers for the game although casual clothing can also be used for casual fun.

Field hockey is one of the best sports for your kids because you can easily join in the action during afternoons so your kids can get in some practice, burn some calories and energy and so they can learn how to have a good time without technology.  Just one hour a day can make the world of difference in your child’s life.

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