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Drones and Education

While this site intends to focus on TV as a tool for education it is important to recognize that technology in and of itself is capable of providing a vast array of educational opportunities. This is why we are going to discuss drones and some videos that are helping pave the way to new educational pinnacles.

If you have never visited skilledflyer.com today is the day to do so. Learning about drones should be at the top of your educational to do list. While that may seem like an odd statement, the truth is, universities are implementing coursework that will revolve around the piloting and utilization of drones. In fact, the University of North Dakota has a drone technology degree program already.

Drones and Education

Why Drones?

No doubt you are wondering why we are putting a drone article on a website for TV focused education. Not to worry, there is a method to the seeming madness. In fact, FOX News reported (on TV) about a school in Brooklyn that is utilizing drones to develop a deeper interest in technology and science among their students.

The video, which can be seen here, reveals that students are learning how to code and fly drones. They also state that students are learning about remote sensing. It is apparent that the students are having a tremendous time participating in this hands on learning experience. That is what makes drones great.

Great Drone Videos

We understand that you are here because you want to use your TV to educate your children. This is why we are including a list of some phenomenal drone created videos. Since drones are small, they have the ability to get into unusual places and film intriguing things. Your kids will definitely find these videos interesting:

  • Ram takes down drone– In this video a drone is hovering near the head of a rather confused ram until the ram decides it is time to take it down. If not necessarily educational, it will make the kids laugh.
  • Underwater spy– In this video kids see a new kind of drone that will allow people to see underwater and then take off and fly away. The concept is uber cool, even if the video is slightly lacking. Click this if you would like to watch this video with your kids.
  • Drones in education– This video documents how drones can be used in traditional education settings.
  • Drones for STEM/STEAM education– Another video that shows the value of utilizing drones to increase the desire to learn more about science, technology, engineering, and math. View this one here.

Drones and STEM

STEM education is one of the newest catch phrases. Since there has been such a decline in the desire to pursue science, technology, engineering, and math based careers, the education system deemed it important to add a new level of focus to those subjects. This is probably more about the US falling behind other countries in these arenas, but the causality is unimportant here.

That said, Drones cover everything that STEM sets out to teach. All four of these subject matters are necessary for the functionality and understanding of a drone. Thankfully, kids who are exposed to drones will be ahead of the game when it comes to having to determine what to do their STEM projects on. You can learn more about STEM here.

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