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Teaching Your Kids about Maryland

You’re on this site because you like to use television as a teaching tool. So, if you are endeavoring to educate your young ones about the state of Maryland, we are prepared to assist you. There are a number of shows on TV set in that state. We will provide you with that list here. Additionally, we would like to give you some facts for your kids’ Maryland-focused education.

Teaching Your Kids about Maryland

Perhaps you reside in Maryland. If that’s the case, you could always teach your kids about Maryland medical malpractice. The lawyers at that site are devoted to helping families who have experienced birth injuries or birth related disabilities. This could be a great introduction to the serious issues attached to disabilities. And, if that’s the route you take, maybe ER’s Carrie Weaver character would be beneficial. However, if you want to stick to the Maryland focus, keep reading.

Shows Based out of Maryland

The TV shows on this list are based out of Maryland. If you choose to watch them with your children, you could always create some sort of scavenger hunt. Get the kids to look for popular landmarks, brands, or other establishments and locales. That would make quite a geography lesson. Or, if there are phrases that are popular to the area, that might be another good thing to seek out. Regardless, we are sure you can find something of value in these shows:

  • Bones (read more)
  • Chesapeake Shores
  • Crisis
  • The Following
  • Joan of Arcadia
  • The Lone Gunmen
  • Men of Annapolis
  • NCIS
  • The Real Housewives of Potomac
  • Runaway
  • Young Americans

Trivia to Keep the Kids Interested

Now that you have a list of shows to use in your educational endeavors, you might want to employ trivia to keep the kids interested. Let’s face it, geography and state facts can be a boring topic. Even when you live in the state you are learning about it can be a dull lesson. Although, maybe some cool malpractice cases within that area might spark interest. You can use this one if you are so inclined. Otherwise, just try some of these trivia tidbits:

  • The US’ first public school was established in Maryland.
  • The only commercial sailing fleet is found there.
  • Francis Scott Key, author of the national anthem, watched the attack on Baltimore Harbor in 1814.
  • Maryland donated a good deal of its land to create Washington DC.
  • The Cannonball House is the only home that was damaged in the British attack back in the 1800s. That is thanks to people lighting tree tops and masts to thwart Britain’s ability to accurately aim their canons.
  • The Workmen’s compensation law got its start in 1902 in Maryland.
  • Greenbelt is the first city to be strategically planned.
  • Tidal shorelines in Maryland are 5000 miles long.
  • The only open railroad bridge, composed of cast and wrought iron in the world, is located within the state. Check this
  • Boys under ten are forbidden to wear lipstick.
  • All those who live past the age of 90 have to publically apologize for living another year.
  • Public displays of affection cannot last more than one second unless you want to break the law.
  • Mistreating oysters in Maryland is also illegal.

Some of those trivia pieces should get your kids’ attention. Maybe the shows listed will include Greenbelt, or the open railroad bridge. Keep your eyes peeled.

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