Top 5 qualities that you should teach your children

Most parents are mostly and foremost interested in the intellectual development of their child, and not the development of language, attention and memory, but the ability of their kid to read, count and write in English. Some parents want to raise a superstar and so enroll them into many different extracurricular activities, such as learning to play a musical instrument, choir or various sports, so in the process, they forget to teach their child about who they should become when they grow up and help them develop character traits that will not only make them better people, but will aid them in being successful at school, college, work and personal relationships. There is nothing insignificant in raising a child, and it is the parent’s responsibility to be an example to them, as children learn many things by imitating what others do, and with various techniques teach them all the life’s lessons to prepare them to be independent.

When children go to kindergarten, school and college, it is clear what they are taught, but it is not enough, and it is the parents who are responsible for the future of their child. The list of the things that parents need to teach their children is endless, however there are two distinctions that can be made between the areas of child’s development – psychological and internal, including character traits, abilities and skills; and external, social, which is comprised of the child’s interaction with others.  Each parent has their own strategy and methods to raise their children, but there are certain character traits that should not be neglected.

1.     Confidence

By teaching your child to be confident, you solve the problem of independence and responsibility. When the child is taught to believe in themselves and have the courage to make decisions, they will not need a full-time nanny to help them in everything, and the parents’ main role will rather be guidance and occasional advice.

2.     Open mind

Teaching your children to have an open mind, will not only let them be creative, but also to understand new and advanced concepts that may be outside of their usual way of thinking. The ability to think outside the box and accept innovative ideas and be able to implement on them will improve their problem solving techniques. They are more likely to accept people that are different from them in matters like religion, race, beliefs and culture, which is essential to a world where globalization has almost erased borders.

3.     Respect

Children should learn the concept of respect and kindness from a young age. Not only will it help them in the future, but it will make your judgement be trusted in their eyes. When a child is developing and you teach them ideas of respect for the elderly, they will know that it is important to care about the old and the sick, and buying things like adult diapers will not be a foreign concept to them, but rather something that can be done out of love, click here to learn more. Once they understand that the elderly are not in need because they want to, but because nature intended it this way, and they have lived a life and fought for their country, they will respect and listen to those, older than them.

4.     Freedom to express themselves

Every child, regardless of the age, wants to be heard, and it is not necessarily what they would like to say, but the concept that they can voice their opinion and someone will listen to it. The freedom to express themselves will teach your children to be themselves no matter what.

5.     Discipline

From teaching personal discipline, to discipline and organization at work, this is a concept that must be embedded into your parental process. Not only will a child with a clear idea of discipline be more efficient in what they do, but they will have a clear goal that they will be working towards, which will guide them in life through many situations on various levels, be it interpersonal, or professional.