Using TV to Teach Your Kids about the Legal System

When it comes to employing TV as an educational tool, it can seem a farfetched endeavor. However, there are some shows available that will truly teach your kids life lessons. And, when learning about the legal system is something your child has expressed an interest in, you can use TV to teach him/her the ropes. Whether the goal is to become a lawyer, or a cop, the TV shows on this list will help you teach your child about the way law is enforced and supported.

injury lawyer

It really won’t matter where your child developed an interest in the legal system. Perhaps he/she went with you to visit an injury lawyer. Maybe it was that car accident in Maryland that presented your young one with his/her first tastes of the legal system.  And, perchance the well-groomed litigators on your side helped instill a desire to come to the aid of other injury victims. Whatever the case may be, your son or daughter can learn a lot about law from the shows on our list.

Top 10 Legal Shows on TV

Some of these shows have been on TV for extensive periods of time. No doubt their long lasting play time is demonstrative of the high levels of facts portrayed by the lens. These top 10 legal shows on TV will help teach your children about the ways the system works:

  1. Law & Order– This is the longest lasting criminal law show on TV. It lasted 20 years! It was filmed and set in NYC.
  2. Boston Legal- This was a legal drama with a comedic side. It was a spinoff from The Practice. It depicted serious courtroom cases while adding much needed humor. Learn more.
  3. The Practice- Focused on high profile cases, this show lasted 8 seasons. There was a constant battle between personal and legal ethics.
  4. Matlock– This is an old school legal drama that is probably more kid friendly than many others on this list. Andy Griffith plays a costly Atlanta based defense attorney. This show was also geared toward high profile criminal cases. Read more.
  5. JAG- The difference in this show, was its military basis. It lasted ten seasons. The lawyers in the show were all supposed to be former military personnel investigating military related crimes.
  6. Ally McBeal– Probably the least educational show on our list, Ally McBeal was a Boston based attorney with a penchant for slapstick humor and odd fantasies.
  7. A. Law– The focus of this show took it into very controversial territory including episodes on abortion, AIDS, gay rights, racism, and domestic violence. These were hot topics during the years in which the show was popular.
  8. Murder One– This show didn’t last long, and that’s probably due to its unique design. It focused on one trial throughout the entire first season. That probably drug things out a little too far.
  9. Perry Mason– Even older than Matlock, this show was based on mystery novels by Erle Stanley Gardner. It actually started off as a 15 minute show on the radio before making it big on the TV screen.
  10. The Defenders– Controversial and high-profile cases are assigned to this father and son defense team. It was on in the 60s, but won a large amount of praise for its devotion to topics like abortion, racism, religion, and civil rights. For a more in depth explanation click this.

We would recommend the shows at number 4, 9 and 10 as the best for kid friendliness. Unfortunately, the censorship laws are so lax these days that the other shows might expose your children to less than desirable language or images.

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